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Prescription and Over the Counter Medication Treatment.

Prescription Medication Addiction Treatment

Over the counter Medication Addiction Treatment

At CapeRecovery we are able to provide the finest Prescription Medication Addiction Treatment and Over the Counter Medication Addiction Treatment simply because we work with the best centre at dealing with Prescription Medication Rehab. It is a difficult area of addiction as the clients often don’t see themselves as ‘addicts’ in the traditional sense, though in reality, they are no different. The only difference is that their using is somehow more sociably acceptable and hidden. Also, many of the people who become addicted to prescribed or over the counter medication get into it unknowingly. They see it as medicine rather than drugs when prescribed by a doctor or purchased in a chemist. This is understandable to an extent and during my years of using prescription meds I often lied to myself about the reasons I was taking painkillers or sleeping pills, creating physical symptoms to justify my using. Because of these factors, the subject needs to be tackled in a sensitive manner. As I said, I self medicated for decades and I am a nurse so the denial and complexity of the addiction had far reaching effects on everything that I did. The individual will be aware of the problem, admitting it is another step that must be reached before treatment will be affective.

Prescription Medication Addiction Treatment, Over the counter Medication Addiction Treatment, Prescription Medication Rehab

Prescription Medication Rehab

Benzodiazepines and Codeine based meds are the most commonly addictive substances that fit into this category of addiction. They are also some of the most potent and difficult drugs to detox from as the physical dependency takes a strong hold and requires time to heal. Because of this, detox periods can be longer and more costly but we always ensure that the client is looked after in a medically supervised clinic throughout the whole process so they will come out clean and ready to face their addiction and work on not going back to using drugs again. It is difficult to maintain sobriety of any addiction but with hard work and the right support in our rehab environment, coupled with the CapeRecovery aftercare, sober living and high level of encouragement the chances of a full recovery are greatly improved. We will also introduce the person to the wider recovery community where they will be able to attend meetings and learn from others who are overcoming their similar addiction issues. We also support the families with regular updates and support during this confusing and difficult time.

So, for the best prescription medication addiction treatment or over the counter medication addiction treatment, Contact Us and check into prescription medication rehab with CapeRecovery!