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Medication – Benzodiazepines, Codeine and other Opiates Addiction Treatment

Medication Addiction Treatment

Benzodiazepine Addiction (Benzo Addiction), Codeine Addiction and Opiate Addiction.

Medication Addiction is alarmingly common, more so than many people understand. It is an extremely serious addiction and needs addressing quickly due to the health risks associated with it. The most common addictive over the counter and prescription medications that people become addicted to, sometimes unwittingly, are Benzodiazepines, Codeine and other Opiates. At CapeRecovery we deal mostly with people suffering from Benzodiazepine Addiction (Benzo Addiction), Codeine Addiction and Opiate Addiction because these are the most common but other meds are also addictive both physically and psychologically and are abused regularly, including other anti-psychotics or sleeping pills with sedative effects, Ritalin (prescribed mainly for children with ADHD or similar disorders)  and even the commonly available Paracetamol is amongst the most harmful drugs in the world if taken excessively! We offer Medication Addiction Treatment for absolutely any medication addiction at our incredible dual-diagnosis registered substance addiction treatment centre. The Addiction Rehabilitation Process.

Medication Addiction Treatment, Benzodiazepine Addiction, Benzo Addiction, Codeine Addiction, Opiate Addiction

The problem with Benzodiazepines is that they are usually prescribed for anxiety and/or sleep issues or sometimes as a muscle relaxant for chronic pain such as back pain so there is usually a legitimate reason for using them at the beginning. The fact is that over the last 20 years they have been used as a quick fix and have been highly over-prescribed leading to huge numbers of people starting out in addiction who would often not view themselves as addicts. Benzodiazepine addiction and dependence happens very quickly and we have found that it can be one of the most difficult addictions to manage so the only truly effective treatment for benzo addiction is to access a residential rehab with good medical detox facilities. The process needs medical support and specialised management in order to safely detox the person in an effective manner. It can also be more costly as the detox period can last a lot longer due to the dangers of stopping straight away. If you have medical aid, the initial detox process is usually covered. We can get you in a top class centre at the lowest cost that is possible today so Contact Us for direct rehab entry and full support and family support, aftercare, sober living and everything that CapeRecovery offers.

Prescription Medication Addiction Treatment

Benzodiazepine Addiction (Benzo Addiction), Codeine Addiction and Opiate Addiction

As discussed before, Benzodiazepines are prescribed and are included in the prescription medication addiction group, there are also others however. Simply put, most people have no problem with prescription or over the counter medication and they are in the most part taken responsibly. In my opinion, the people who do become addicted are usually addicts in waiting so are susceptible to addiction to anything and this is where their addiction shows its head. They are often not aware of this and have never experienced addiction problems before. Someone could have a serious injury and be prescribed opiate based pain medication and quickly become addicted to the prescription medications because they make them feel good (usually opiate based medication) or they help them to sleep better or not to feel anything at all (benzo’s or other sleeping medication). When these medications are abused by the patient they are often unaware that they are trying to escape from something or some bad feeling, just like other addicts. The problem is, it usually begins as something that a doctor has instructed them to take so it’s easy to pass the responsibility of their addiction on to the prescribing doctor. They are, in reality, no different to all the other addicts in the world, they have the disease of addiction. They have just taken another route to becoming a fully blown addict than the addict who parties and drinks a lot or someone who seeks out illegal drugs. Once the person comes to accept that they are an addict, we can move forward to managing the addiction. Again, any addiction of this kind needs to be properly managed in a fully equipped medical detox facility. We work with the best and most effective rehabs in Cape Town, so Contact Us and we will sort everything out for you.

Over The Counter Medication Addiction Treatment.
Codeine Addiction and Opiate Addiction

It is a dangerous misconception, that many people have that, because they can just enter a pharmacy and buy a certain medication, it is safe. This is of course untrue and subsequently, many of the over the counter medication addictions occur by accident. For example, a person is experiencing headaches and buys opiates, like co-codamol or maybe stillpain in this country  – codeine based pain medication. They have an underlying addiction that they may or may not be aware of, take it regularly for a while and then become addicted. This situation is alarmingly common and once people have become addicted they don’t necessarily realise at the beginning and their usage increases gradually until they find themselves fully addicted and dependant upon the medication. Personally, during my early years of active addiction, I had a very serious codeine addiction and it wasn’t until over two decades later that I came to understand that it was where my whole addiction began. As with all medication addictions, the detox must be properly managed and can take longer than other drugs as we may need to taper the dosage. After the detox period, a stay in extended care is usually recommended as it is a difficult addiction to manage once you leave treatment and the longer time taken to ease back into ‘normal life’ the better the chance of a prolonged recovery. We can arrange it to the clients individual needs so get in touch using the Contact Form and we will get back to you straight away.

So, for the best Medication Addiction Treatment, be it, Benzodiazepine Addiction (Benzo Addiction), Opiate Addiction or Codeine Addiction, simply get in touch as we can help!