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Heroin Addiction Rehab and Treatment

Heroin Addiction Treatment in Cape Town South Africa

Heroin Rehab in Cape Town

Heroin Addiction is a worldwide problem, it is a deeply damaging drug which, like other addictions, has an effect on everyone around the addict. It’s very difficult for a close friend or family member to understand changes in a persons behaviours caused by addiction so that’s why we offer family support and interventions should they need it. Read about a mothers struggle with her addict son here. Heroin addiction treatment in Cape Town South Africa is very good but requires commitment and the only proven course of action is something similar to our Heroin Rehab in Cape Town alongside the huge professional and peer support but most importantly, a lot of hard work. The way Heroin works is by producing a “downer” effect that quickly induces a state of relaxation and euphoria (this is related to chemical changes in the pleasure area of the brain). Like other opiates, using it blocks the ability of the brain to perceive pain and this is why it is used, in it’s purest form, alongside other opiates, as a strong and effective pain killer in hospitals and for patients suffering from acute and chronic pain. Initially, users, particularly those with a prior history of drug abuse, may be able to conceal signs and symptoms of their heroin use but this gets harder the longer the use goes on. It is highly addictive and one of the most difficult drugs to overcome. Detox is essential and will always be uncomfortable initially but with the correct medical detox and support it is bearable and does quickly get better. This is how the addiction rehabilitation process works with CapeRecovery. The hard work is staying away from it as it’s draw is compelling and inexplicable considering the damage it can cause. For more info on this drug check out our Heroin page.

Heroin Addiction Treatment in Cape Town South Africa, Heroin Rehab in Cape Town
Heroin Addiction Treatment in Cape Town South Africa – Heroin Rehab in Cape Town

Need help with finding Heroin Treatment and Heroin Rehab?

As explained, though difficult, all opiate addictions like heroin addiction can be treated effectively by a period of rehab. Detox needs to be medically managed for the person to be comfortable but even so it is not a comfortable experience and takes a lot of work. Once the person is stable, that’s where the real work starts in recovery. Our clinics have a vast amount of experience in treating all opiate addictions so just get in touch for instant access to the best heroin rehab in Cape Town and in South Africa.

The thing that makes CapeRecovery unique and special is the individualised pre-assessment, finding the most suitable clinic for the person and our commitment to following our clients every step of the way from rehab, aftercare and beyond into sober living and voluntary and work experience. We also make the vital introductions to the Cape Town Recovery Community and meetings which to me is what maintains sobriety long term. As mentioned, Cape Town has a strong recovery community so if you are interested in mixing with these remarkable recovering addicts who can help through the difficult times or if you are a concerned relative or friend visit the page or join the Facebook community on the Cape Recovery Facebook Community now.

Contact us today to talk through what is going on for you now or about a loved ones addiction. We can objectively and honestly provide you with any assistance you might require. If you are from anywhere else in the world, coming for a CapeRecovery Experience is simple! See the CapeRecovery International Site.

So, if you or someone you know requires a Heroin Addiction treatment in Cape Town South Africa or you need to know more about Heroin Rehab in Cape Town then get in touch!