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Cocaine Addiction

Many people believe that cocaine addiction doesn’t exist, this is very far from the truth. Despite people’s misconceptions that cocaine is not addictive, it is in fact considered highly addictive. It is estimated that about 5% for those who use cocaine for the first time become addicted. When you consider the huge numbers of people who use this drug recreationally then it is no surprise that there are large numbers of people now addicted to cocaine. It doesn’t really matter if an addiction is physical or psychological, it is still an addiction so we can ignore those who say it is safe and not physically addictive, it is still a hugely damaging drug and addiction to it ruins lives in the same ways as other addictions do. Cocaine Treatment is not complicated and access to Cocaine Rehab is easy. The process takes the person away physically from the drug and the people that the drug is used with.

Cocaine addiction is very damaging and difficult to beat because it leaves the user wanting more as the high is very short lived. The effects of snorting cocaine usually fall off in less than an hour, and another dose is required to maintain the high. This leads to repeated binge using and the taking of multiple doses. Over time, the effect is to train the body to receive a regular supply of the drug, when it doesn’t get it, it suffers and people have cravings. It’s only through effective treatment and education that a person can truly beat the desire to keep on using.

Cocaine Addiction, Cocaine Treatment, Cocaine Rehab
Cocaine Addiction, Cocaine Treatment, Cocaine Rehab

Cocaine Dependency

Cocaine, like other popular drugs, lives up to its reputation. It does cause euphoria and gives a sense of control. Sigmund Freud, who used cocaine, described it as, “You perceive an increase of self-control and possess more vitality and capacity for work…” It was said to make shy people outgoing, increase conversational skills, and make the fainthearted courageous.

These effects make the drug attractive to users whenever life presents problems so it stops being a drug to use for fun on a night out and becomes a coping mechanism. Essentially though, no problem is actually solved and many new problems are introduced because of cocaine use. The idea that it makes the person feel better and cope with life more effectively increases the cycle of use and leads to even more frequent use. This is where it becomes a problem and the cycle of addiction begins, it is always downhill from there. In my opinion, statistically the 5% is around the same level for most addictive substances so that means the vast majority of people do use the drug without any mayor problems, to an addict however, it is a fast track to disaster.

Cocaine affects the pleasure centres in the brain so repeated use starts to dull the normal ability to enjoy life without it. Repeated activation of the reward neurons (dopamine and serotonin pathways) leads to actual physical changes in the brain chemistry so that the cure for feeling bad is to use more cocaine, more regularly. Snorting cocaine is really just a quick but very temporary return to a better mood.

With long term use it can lead  to cocaine induced paranoia and aggression. This often seems like symptoms of schizophrenia and many long term cocaine users are misdiagnosed with mental health issues because they want a different explanation and are dishonest about their cocaine use. When they stop using, symptoms of depression often appear and again they are often misdiagnosed and need time off the drug to find out the real diagnosis. Many people with Cocaine Addiction often come into rehab with dual-diagnosis issues and leave without a mental health issue at all.

Cocaine rehab and Cocaine treatment with Cape Recovery

For effective treatment, the person with cocaine addiction should be treated away from their using environment and the friends that they would use the drug with and that is why we would recommend cocaine treatment with a stay in a residential cocaine rehab facility. Read about the addiction rehabilitation process and we can arrange this for you, so if you want to address your or a loved ones cocaine addiction and go to rehab today and we will arrange everything for you. People from the UK or abroad can visit CapeRecovery International to arrange a rehab package. Alternatively, we would be happy to offer any assistance or answer any questions you have, simply call, WhatsApp or SMS +27 (082) 6359419 or use our form to Contact Us Today, we will be happy to assist you in any way we can.

So, Cocaine Addiction does happen, get the best Cocaine Treatment in specialist Cocaine Rehab with a program tailored for you at Cape Recovery!