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Methadrone (Cat) Addiction and Rehab

Cat Addiction Treatment in Cape Town (Methadrone Addiction Treatment in Cape Town)

Cat Rehab in Cape Town (Methadrone Rehab in Cape Town)

Cat Addiction (Methadrone Addiction) has in recent times and still is increasing quickly in South Africa, it is a commonly available alternative to the more costly cocaine and this seems to be its main selling point. Sometimes referred to as Kat, Methadrone, or Methcathinone, they are the same drug. We can provide you with the complete, quality Cat Addiction Treatment in Cape Town (Methadrone Rehab or Cat Rehab in Cape Town).

Cat Addiction Treatment in Cape Town, Cat Rehab, Methadrone Rehab, Methadrone Addiction

To find out more about the drug, check out our Cat Information page.

If you are worried that someone close to you is taking cat here are some signs of cat abuse:

  • Hyperactivity
  • Weight loss
  • Insomnia
  • Periods of extreme highs and extreme lows
  • Aggression and becoming argumentative easily.
  • Talkativeness
  • Nose bleeds
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

Cat Addiction Treatment in Cape Town, Methadrone Addiction.

Our Cape Town Cat rehabs are vastly experienced and fully equipped to deal with Cat Addiction alongside various other addictions. Treatment is started by an initial assessment to see the extent of the problem and appropriately and medically detox the individual. This is followed by a stay in the residential rehab in which they will explore everything around the drug us with their individual counsellor and within a group setting. Read more about the process of rehabilitation.

At CapeRecovery, we  encourage the client right throughout the process of recovery. We believe that if a person or their family are to pay for addiction treatment, then should get the best value for money and quality of treatment available. As we are impartial and know the business from a service provider and a clients perspective, we can find the perfect rehab based on our initial pre-assessment. Once we find the perfect place for the individual based on the information you give us, we arrange absolutely everything from admission and beyond. A persons recovery is not just about rehab, though that is where the person gains the introduction and the tools to move forward. The real work starts when the person leaves treatment and enters back into the wider world. At CapeRecovery we communicate with the centres, the client and the family in order to be available at all times. We then provide follow up support including aftercare options, sober living options and even opportunities for voluntary experiences, social meetings with the wider recovery community amongst other things. This attention to detail and full support gives the client the best possible chance of a prolonged, happy recovery and future.

If you are concerned about your or a loved ones usage of Cat and feel they need some kind of help, we are always available. Like any addiction, Cat rehab treatment is best done in a fully controlled environment where access to the drug is essentially cut off. This makes the process simpler and gives the person time to address any underlying issues. We can also assist by staging an intervention if required.

So for quality help with Methadrone Addiction and the best Cat Addiction Treatment in Cape Town,  then Contact Us, Cat Rehab (Methadrone Rehab) has never been more straight forward and accessible than with CapeRecovery!