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Drug Addiction – Addiction Centres, Addiction Clinics, Rehab Centres, Rehabilitation Clinics

Drug Addiction

Which Addiction Centres, Addiction Clinics, Rehab Centres or Rehabilitation Clinics are the best for Drug Addiction Treatment?

I am often asked this question about which Addiction Centres or Rehabilitation Clinics are the best and how are they all different. My short answer is that they can call themselves Addiction Clinics, Rehab Centres or whatever but they all serve a purpose and all rehab options must be judged on the strengths and weaknesses of the particular place and the program offered. It’s by no means an exact science though and there are no guarantees that any course of addiction treatment is going to be successful. What we do at CapeRecovery is select the best speciality centres so that we can match the perfect treatment centre with the clients needs. Some for example need a place that deals with dual-diagnosis issues (mental heath issue alongside a drug addiction issue). Some have a combination of substance abuse and behavioural addiction, unsure which is the main addiction. In this case we would select a treatment centre with experience and who understand poly-addictions and treatment of behavioural or process addictions.

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The way we find out which place is the most suitable is by doing a full assessment of all our clients before any decision is made on where they should go. We gather enough information about the substance used, any additional substance and vital information such as previous attempts at rehabilitation so that we have a complete picture of the client and their individual needs. Once we have this information we work with the client and family members to plan the best course of treatment possible. This way, we ensure that if money is to be spent on accessing treatment then it will be spent wisely with the best possible chance of a full recovery.

So, before you decide which, out of the many Rehab Centres, Rehabilitation Clinics, Addiction Centres or Addiction Clinics available, is best suited for your or your loved ones Drug Addiction, Contact Us for a comprehensive needs assessment today!