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Drugs, Drug Addiction and Drug Rehab

At Cape Recovery we have treatment options for all drugs and every drug addiction, we are the drug rehab South Africa experts and take placement and care of our clients very seriously. We only hand pick the best places, usually through personal experience. Take a look at the list below and find out what you need to know about a specific drug and the treatment options. If there is a drug you are concerned about that is not listed below please Contact Us and I will look into it for you and add information for others here.

Look below for specific addiction information on.

Contact Us for information, advice and help on any specific drug addictions not listed here.

Drug Rehab South Africa - Drug Addiction - Drugs

Drug Rehab South Africa

Essentially, it doesn’t make a difference what the substance is or what the addiction is, they are essentially treated in the same way once the physical dependence is dealt with in detox. There are always underlying reasons for long term drug use. Something went wrong for the person to need to escape the way they are or were feeling and rehabs get to the bottom of that. When dealing with drug rehab options, we only work with ones that we have faith in. Ones that provide the best possible care and program for the addict. Check out The Rehabilitation Process.

An integral part of what we do at Cape Recovery is follow up with the rehab centres to monitor the progress of our clients, this way we can see if they need any continued support following rehab, be it extended care facilities or sober living or just a friendly resource throughout their recovery. We also don’t forget about the families of addicts as addiction is truly a family disease, it affects everyone close to the addict. We have separate family support people to answer any questions during the process so you are always kept in the loop.

Click on a specific drug above or Contact Us now to find a suitable rehab. If you are still unsure if you or a loved one is an addict take this simple questionnaire now.

We can advise on any drugs or drug addiction or drug rehab South Africa and find the perfect treatment with the full CapeRecovery care and support throughout the process!