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Corporate Drug Testing and Alcohol Testing

CapeRecovery Corporate

Drug Testing and Alcohol Testing

Here at CapeRecovery we move with the times and we also cater for everyone who wants to recover, in whatever way we can. We have an existing network of registered, quality, hand-picked treatment centres and already pre-asses each client so that they receive the most tailored and suitable treatment and now we are coming into the work place. Corporate Testing is an uncomfortable but necessary part of running a successful business and with our on-site drug testing and alcohol testing service we take the awkwardness out of it by facilitating everything. If you feel an individual must have a drug test or alcohol test or if you are in an industry where drug or alcohol use can hamper work or make it dangerous we can help with any number of tests that you require.

Employee drug and alcohol use is on the rise and most companies and organisations have a commitment to supporting staff members and their wellbeing. It’s a difficult subject to breach so we take care of everything for you.


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CapeRecovery Corporate Testing, Drug Testing, Alcohol Testing


Drug Test and Alcohol Test Procedure

Initially we offer drug and alcohol testing to as small or large a group of people necessary so we can do the whole organisation or company if necessary or focus on one or two individuals whom you may have concerns about. Our staff and counsellors have decades of experience in performing our drug test and alcohol test and also offering pre and post test counselling.

It is common when we do bulk testing that there will be a fair percentage of positive tests and we look into each case to explore the reasons (once off use, heavy night drinking, medication that is showing up on tests, etc.). Once we establish those with positive tests we will ‘red flag’, inform bosses and make a plan on an individual case basis. The usual procedure would involve either a person asking for help and performing an intervention to find the best way forward or follow up random tests on those flagged. We can then move onto the intervention stage of the process.

Interventions are carried out usually at the place of work and we have two members of staff, one an intervention counsellor, to oversea and guide everyone through the process. We talk to the individual, put down boundaries if necessary and make an agreement as to how to proceed. If the client is wiling to access treatment then we facilitate that whole process by finding the most suitable place for them and arranging immediate admission.


Drug Test. Alcohol Test, Corporate Testing, Drug Testing, Alcohol Testing, Workplace Drug Tests, Workplace Alcohol Tests
Drug Test, Alcohol Test

How to get individual drug testing and alcohol testing for a family member or corporate testing (drug test and alcohol test).

Simply contact us today via e-mail or phone (SMS, WhatsApp or Call), tell us what your requirements are and we will come back to you with an individual plan of action and complete quote for services, it’s as simple as that!