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Contact us today for addiction treatment, rehab information or anything else that is related, our friendly team are always happy to answer your questions! Thanks. Simon

Contact Us for Rehab Information

Contact us for rehab information at any time on Facebook, Email or simply WhatsApp, SMS or call us. Now you have found us the next step is to reach out and contact us, it could well be the best decision that you’ve ever made!! We have all the impartial rehab information that you will ever need.

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Direct line: +27 (82) 6359419

Rehab Admissions and Interventions: +27 (63) 6748005

We have experienced staff both in recovery themselves and ones who have lived and worked with addicts, thus, we also offer excellent support for not only the addict but for their family and friends too. All you have to do is to contact us and we will do the rest. If it’s quick help for a loved one you require then we work fast to get people into rehab as quickly as we can, any day of the week. If you are worried about yourself or a loved one and just want some advice then we are also here to help. Whatever it is, rehab, recovery or addiction related, we know what we are talking about because we’ve been there! We are also independent of any treatment centres which means that we can be impartial and honest in our assessment of what is the best course of action. The only thing stopping the person achieving sobriety is the person themselves and it is our aim to enable that in any way we can. We are strong advocates of the meetings such as alcoholics anonymous (AA) and narcotics anonymous (NA) and believe that they are an important tool in achieving long term sobriety. People sometimes need that initial push however and rehab or home support gives them that motivation to start the process. Once they see that it can be done and sobriety is achievable then they find the motivation to remain clean and sober and inevitably, their life improves.

So, whatever the addiction, we are here to help primarily and if that means just pointing people in the right direction or arranging a state rehab facility then so be it. It’s one thing to run a business purely for profit but another to help regardless of an individuals means to pay and that’s what sets Cape Recovery apart from everyone else in this business. We are actually happy to help!

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Rehab Information, Sometimes Your Heart Needs To Accept What Your Mind Already Knows
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So, Contact us today for the best support for all addictions and those affected by them.