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Primary, Extended Care and Sober Living Experience

The CapeRecovery Complete Rehab and Recovery Package

Total Rehab, Full Rehab Package

Primary, Extended Care and Sober Living Experience (3 months – 1 year)

The Complete Rehab and Recovery Package is finally here! We like to call it total rehab with CapeRecovery, offering the whole service throughout the entire addiction rehabilitation process, this truly is the only full rehab package available anywhere, all in one beautiful city. It is our first ‘CapeRecovery Experience’ and ideal for those who have made the decision to see the whole process through from beginning to end. We can provide this for any addiction, process addiction, dual-diagnosis issue or eating disorder and it ensures the client has a plan or an itinerary right throughout the process. This is particularly suitable for our clients coming from overseas as their family back home will have contact details of all the quality, hand-picked rehabs, treatment centres and sober living homes so they know where their loved one is and how they are progressing throughout the entire process.

At CapeRecovery we have always viewed recovery from any addiction, process addiction, dual-diagnosis issue or eating disorder as a personal journey. The process of not only stopping the addiction or behaviour but of learning to live with and to love oneself again is what is ultimately important in order to remain clean, sober and most of all, happy. Our excellent rehabs play their part in this process by introducing our clients to recovery in general and getting them through the difficult period of detox and early rehabilitation. We arrange everything and take the client from the airport to the Primary Rehab most suited for them and then follow their progress throughout, regularly visiting them in treatment and keeping the family back home updated along the way.

Complete Rehab and Recovery Package - Total Rehab, Full Rehab Package
Complete Rehab and Recovery Package – Total Rehab, Full Rehab Package

Following the initial detox and primary rehab, we then find and transport the client to the most appropriate extended care facility for them. Our independent status means that we are in a position to make a choice based purely on what is the best move for the client. Again, we make regular visits and continue to update the family back home on the clients progress.

Once the client is in a position to move forward with more independence and freedom, they can start finding some joy in recovery, so we select the finest sober living environment in which they can mix socially with the incredible Cape Town Recovery Community and do some fun things, such as enjoy the incredible array of Cape Town beaches, surfing, guided walks and yoga classes as well as getting involved with an array of voluntary opportunities. I believe that this period is the most important part of recovery, putting into action everything learnt in rehab and this period of sober living is the perfect transition to ‘normal’ life before returning home.

Once the client is ready to return home, we arrange transport to the airport and even remain in contact to offer support and advice around maintaining their recovery whilst back home and settling into a clean and sober and ultimately happy life.

I love this CapeRecovery Experience and if I had been given the opportunity when I started this journey of recovery I would have been astonished at the quality, organisation and the value of it all. Fortunately we are now here and we are established and always offering the best local prices across the board, making it the only real option for all our overseas clients wanting the best possible chance at a full and happy recovery.

So, there it is, The Complete Rehab and Recovery Package, The CapeRecovery Total Rehab, our Full Rehab Package is the best quality, lowest cost way, anywhere in the world for the perfect rehab and recovery from all addictions, process addictions, dual-diagnosis issues and eating disorder, Contact Us today!