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Secondary and Tertiary Rehab

Secondary Rehab and Tertiary Rehab Cape Town

At CapeRecovery, we constantly talk about two factors that are crucial for a sustained and long term recovery from any addiction, process addiction, dual-diagnosis issue or eating disorder. These are the length of time spent in a quality, supportive environment and secondly, the people that the individual surrounds themselves with in early recovery. This is where Highlands House, our brand new homely secondary rehab and tertiary rehab comes in, providing the safety and support in an environment that is comfortable and conducive to recovery amongst incredible counsellors and other staff. We are extremely excited as another great centre joins the CapeRecovery family, also one that we can name as a place that shares our ethos and beliefs that recovery is for everyone and the beautiful city of Cape Town is the most incredible place to experience authentic recovery. Again, like all of our other partners, it is the perfect working relationship as they are committed to the CapeRecovery way of only ever charging the lowest possible local prices to every one of our clients, regardless of where in the world they come from. Following an initial period of Primary Rehab, that we arrange and in an ideal world, all of our clients would receive a full Secondary and Tertiary Rehab stay, we include this period spent at this beautiful facility in all of our ‘CapeRecovery Experiences’ if applicable to the clients individual needs, maintaining quality and providing the finest fully supported Cape Town Secondary Rehab and Tertiary Rehab Cape Town Experiences. This can even and again ideally, be followed by a stay in our equally brilliant Sober Living House, giving each of our clients the most complete and individually tailored rehab and recovery experience available anywhere in the world and at our always reasonable local prices for everyone.

Secondary and Tertiary Rehab Cape Town

Cape Town Secondary Rehab, Secondary and Tertiary Rehab Cape Town

Cape Town Secondary Rehab

This is a newly opened facility and as such they are hugely passionate about providing the best quality service to all of their clients. Again, it is not only hand picked by CapeRecovery for personalised client care and enthusiasm for recovery from addiction, but also because they share our ethos and goals and believe that recovery is for absolutely anyone who wants it. Continued support is always key and the high level of pier support here, in the heart of the wider Cape Town Recovery Community, is what makes our partnership special and a part of the bigger picture of returning Cape Town to it’s status as the best place in the world for a full and involved rehab and recovery experience!

Tertiary Rehab Cape Town

The smooth transition from Secondary Rehab to Tertiary Rehab is important and the perfect thing about doing both at this place is that this transition is seamless. The client remains in the same place and amongst the same people who they have been with and become friends with during the Secondary stage of treatment. This ties in with our belief that people that the client surrounds themselves with is the single most important factor in a prolonged recovery and following this stage we have a great Sober Living House where continued support leads to our ultimate goal of every single one of our clients receiving the highest possible chance of a full and long recovery.

To get more information or to book into this incredible Secondary and Tertiary Rehab Cape Town, simply Contact Us and we will get the information to you straight away, Cape Town Secondary Rehab and Tertiary Rehab simply doesn’t get better than this!