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Durban Rehab

Durban Rehab Centres and Durban Rehab Clinics

Athough at Cape Recovery, our primary focus is on Cape Town and all the people who live here, we have decided to extend our quality patient focussed service to include all of South Africa! Durban Drug Rehab and Durban Alcohol Rehab are things that CapeRecovery holds dear, as our wish to help covers all of South Africa and even further afield. We understand that not everyone can venture to Cape Town or even wants to but we don’t want them to miss out on the best addiction treatment available, so we have linked up with the best Durban Rehab Centres and Durban Rehab Clinics to make this possible. Cape Town may be where the problem began or they may favour other locations and this is fine with CapeRecovery, as we provide the same quality of service that we are currently doing successfully in Cape Town, in Durban and other locations coming soon. The over-riding principle of client centred care is the same, just the area that’s different. The Facebook CapeRecovery community is always on call for support and you also have access to the amazing CapeRecovery staff and the aftercare planning services that come for the support of all our patients and their friends and families! Durban Rehab Centres are of the same high quality and provide an equal level of support as our best Cape Town ones. We can arrange instant entry to Durban Rehab Clinics as soon as you call and we always complete a very short but concise assessment to ensure the perfect placement is found. Contact us via e-mail at now! Our CapeRecovery Durban clinic is one of the best in South Africa, Durban addiction rehab has never been easier!

Durban Rehab Centres, Durban Rehab Clinics, Durban Drug Rehab, Durban Alcohol Rehab

Durban Drug Rehab and Durban Alcohol Rehab

When you are making a decision for you or a loved one to enter rehab, be it for drugs or alcohol, you need to find a place that’s perfectly suited to the individual, at CapeRecovery, we help you to do just that.

We only work with the best Durban Drug Rehab and Durban Alcohol Rehab and we plan the whole thing so that there are meetings and aftercare in place when the person leaves. In my experience this planning is what gives that individual the highest chance of a prolonged recovery. Our Durban Rehab clinic comes with top facilities and enthusiastic and committed staff. We have programmes that will suit your individual needs. Our team is ready to help you to make this important decision today. Call us now for Durban Rehab on 082 635 9419 or email

This is what we treat at our Cape Town, Joburg, Plettenberg Bay and Durban Rehab Clinics.

If you are not in Durban then we can help wherever you are in South Africa or the world with our network of quality clinics so contact us and we will do all you can to help. So for all your Durban Rehab Centres and Durban Rehab Clinics needs for Durban Drug Rehab and Durban Alcohol Rehab, the CpaeRecovery team is here to help make things as simple as possible.