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Medical Aid Rehab

Cape Town Medical Aid Rehab

Many times I get asked the questions does medical aid cover rehab and how does one go about using medical aid for rehab treatment? The short answer is yes it does and we can check for you about the extent of the coverage you have. It is usually dependant on the type of coverage you have, but as addiction is now officially recognised as a disease in the eyes of the governing bodies, addiction rehab is the logical and most effective way of treating it, so medical aid companies now also recognise this. If you are unsure about your coverage then it is simple for us to check and see what cover you or your loved one is entitled to, simply Contact Us with the clients med aid details and we will find out for you, get back to you and then work on getting the best possible treatment for the longest time due to our special rates and negotiations with the incredible treatment centres that we work closely with. This brings down the cost of any shortfall should the client wish to stay longer or need additional treatment because at CapeRecovery, Cape Town Medical Aid Rehab is easy to understand and we make your medical aid and your money go at lot further than anyone else can.

Using Medical Aid for Rehab Treatment, Does Medical Aid Cover Rehab, Cape Town Medical Aid Rehab

Does Medical Aid Cover Rehab?

Yes, it usually does, at least the initial 21 days or more. This is the expensive time when detox and intense counselling and therapy is involved, should you wish to stay longer, the remainder of treatment becomes a lot more affordable. Some people choose to only go to rehab for the initial 21 days or month so in these cases you usually either pay nothing on top or a small shortfall. We do advise staying another month or two for secondary treatment though that decision doesn’t necessarily need to be made immediately. At this crucial stage it is important to get the person in and receiving the best treatment at the point at which they have asked for help. The window of opportunity can be small but it can be a life saving opportunity if the individual is desperate to get well. We take the stress out of admission by arranging everything immediately so no unnecessary delays in the process occur.

Using Medical Aid for Rehab Treatment

If you have a good medical aid cover then there is no real reason not to use it. Addiction is a debilitation disease and only gets worse if not treated correctly. The good thing about medical aid is that is covers the initial, most expensive period where input form medical staff including drs and psychiatrists is required. Once the person is stabilised, further treatment becomes more affordable and we make sure that you get the best value out there.

So, I hope I have answered the questions how do I go about using medical aid for rehab treatment and does medical aid cover rehab, with CapeRecovery we are the experts at getting the most out of Cape Town medical aid rehab so Contact Us today and we will arrange everything for you!