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Cape Town Treatment Centres

Cape Town Treatment Centres

Choosing the best Substance Abuse Treatment Centres, Drug Treatment Centres and Alcohol Treatment Centres.

Choosing the right treatment centre for you or a loved one is an often daunting experience. We try to take the stress out of that decision because we have strong relationships with everyone we work with and we usually have personal experience of the places that we send people to. As well as that, we always charge local prices and don’t charge our clients anything for our comprehensive service as all our costs are recouped from the treatment centres themselves. We work with a range of Cape Town treatment centres, Substance Abuse Treatment Centres, Alcohol Treatment Centres and Drug Treatment Centres, so whatever the addiction, we have the ideal place at the lowest possible price. These are the substances that we commonly treat, we also treat all process addictions (behavioural addictions) and eating disorders and have the perfect place to fit every individuals requirements. All our centres of the highest quality and comfort but if you prefer a bit more comfort, we have an incredible luxury rehab that is not far away and very reasonably priced!

Cape Town Treatment Centres, Substance Abuse Treatment Centres, Drug Treatment Centres, Alcohol Treatment Centres

As well as being placed in a registered and quality treatment centre, you will also get the benefits of the full Cape Recovery experience! That includes help and support for families and regular updates on the clients progress. We can also intervene if there are any problems along the way. Following the clients stay at one of our Cape Town treatment centres, we continue to provide our unique service by offering sober living and introductions to the vast Cape Town Recovery community. This seamless path through the stages of recovery is proven to keep people on track and give the best possible chance of long-term independence and recovery. If a person goes through the right process at the right time it can save lots of time, money and heartache in the long run. Knowing that you are making the correct decisions used to be difficult but now, thanks to Cape Recovery’s unique approach, it’s easy! Contact Us and we will arrange everything for you. UK and Overseas Clients visit our UK Site.

So, for the best Cape Town Treatment Centres, be it Substance Abuse Treatment Centres (Drug Treatment Centres or Alcohol Treatment Centres) or for Eating Disorders or Process Addictions, then get in touch and we will do the rest!