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Short, mid and long term rehab

Short Term Rehab, Mid Term Rehab and Long Term Rehab

30 day rehab, 60 day rehab and 90 day rehab.

When entering rehab, there are a number of factors to consider. Firstly, it is very common and strongly advised to stay longer than a month, in fact the majority of people entering for a 30 day rehab usually go on to do a second or third month and then even move onto extended care or sober living. The reason for this is that addiction and all the underlying issues and associated behaviours have usually built up over a period of time and because of this, it takes time to address everything that needs to be addressed. The extended time period in a safe and supported environment is also a big factor for a sustained recovery from addiction. Secondly, too many people go through a short term rehab period only to come out unprepared for life in the outside world, often returning to their old associates and the same situation that they were in before, these factors are dangerous in early recovery and often lead to relapse. Find out more about the addiction rehabilitation process or a specific addiction, process addiction or eating disorder. As the initial month is usually the most costly, it makes sense to tackle everything in one mid term rehab or long term rehab stint in order to prepare the person fully and lessen the chance of repeat visits. This also makes sense financially in the long run as quality rehab treatment is not cheap so correct placement and follow up support throughout the whole process is essential and that’s what we do. At CapeRecovery, we are not tied down to one specific place so we can tailor any 30 day rehab, 60 day rehab, 90 day rehab or even our six month rehab and recovery experience, specifically for the individual client and follow them throughout the process. We give choice at every stage of recovery, we work to support families of addicts and we ensure that every one of our clients is fully prepared for the outside world.

30 day rehab, 60 day rehab, 90 day rehab, short term rehab, mid term rehab, long term rehab

So, whatever the length of stay, 30 day rehab (short term rehab), 60 day rehab (mid term rehab), 90 day rehab or six month rehab (long term rehab), CapeRecovery plans the entire journey, is fully independent and only works with the top rehab centres and clinics in Cape Town and South Africa, Contact Us today!