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Rehab Search Directory

Rehab Search Directory

When you embark upon the search to find a rehab centre you will soon discover that it is a difficult process because seeing a list of places with some pretty photos only gives the client a small glimpse of a centre on the surface. We do have nice pictures of all our exclusive rehabs if that’s what you want but we also do our research on the quality of the program and the clinical and other staff. The feel of a place and the program that they offer to clients is the real bread and butter of the rehab industry and it is the thing that will make the difference between a success and a failure in recovery. With this in mind, we work only with a hand picked selection of rehab clinics and treatment centres covering the full compliment of substance addictions, process addictions and eating disorders so your search to find a rehab clinic can end with CapeRecovery! I suppose it’s more a quality rather than quantity approach which, with our unique pre-assessment, enables us to single out the most appropriate clinic for your individual needs. We are closely involved with every place we work with so the need for a designated Rehab Search Directory is essentially non existent in this market. People that offer that particular service are nothing more than agents and are not interested in the well being of their clients. At CapeRecovery, we want to see each and every one of our clients be successful and we will do absolutely everything we can to make that happen.

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Find a Rehab Clinic

We work tirelessly to find the best possible addiction treatment out there and only work with places and people who share our high standards of individualised patient care. At CapeRecovery, we don’t simply focus on the time in rehab but the whole recovery journey, offering everything from Rehab Triage, Interventions, Family SupportSober Living and introductions to the incredible Cape Town Recovery Community. Whether you are from South Africa or Abroad, you will be made to feel completely at home and will be well looked after with the full CapeRecovery service.

So, you no longer need to find a rehab centre or find a rehab clinic and there is no need for a rehab search directory because we do it all for you with our unique client-focused care planning, simply Contact Us today and we will do the rest!