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Private Rehab Centres in Cape Town

Private Rehab Centres in the Western Cape

It is  a difficult and testing time when you or a loved one has finally made that decision to enter rehab. Addiction usually takes time to take hold and progress to a point where it is unmanageable. This length of time can vary and it often takes years or decades until the person accepts the problem and is prepared to address it. At that point correct and speedy action is crucial as the chance may never come around again. That is why at CapeRecovery, we recognise the need to give concise and impartial information and take promt action to ensure that the process is as straight forwrad as possible for both the client and their family. We do a triage assesment to find the best place suited to the individual needs of the client and then provide them with an informed choice of the next steps to be taken. Private Rehab Centres in the Western Cape, particularly the Private Rehab Centres in Cape Town, are excellent, some of the best in the world and Cape Town has a vibrant recovery community which I believe is the real key to achieving a long and lasting recovery from addiction. Coping with any sort of addiction for yourself or for someone close to you is usually a very scary and confusing time and it is our mission to take the stress out of the entire process. A lot of support that is not to do with any individual rehab is required right throughout the process like support for families and impartial advice and information, so that’s where we come in. There is a lot of competition and variety in standard of treatment centres on offer so we help you find the best at the lowest possible price. Having a good medical aid is an advantage and improves choice when budget is an issue and we can help you make the most of that. I do honestly believe that the quality of addiction treatment here is as high as anywhere on the whole planet but you must be allowed to make an informed choice as to what is the best treatment for you or your loved one, otherwise you may be pushed down a certain route, that’s where our involvement proves crucial to all our clients. CapeRecovery started 2 years ago in order to engage with people on a personal level and to give them choice, enabling them to access independent and honest advice from someone who has found recovery themselves and has experienced a variety of different rehab settings along their own personal journey to sobriety. My own experience covers most of the private drug rehab centres in Cape Town South Africa that we now work with very closely, so I can be somewhat impartial during the process. This past experience along with many years of hands on clinical nursing experience in the addiction field make for a perfect combination of effective yet individualised care. We understand that everyone is different so we make an individual assessment and from the subsequent findings, we work with the family and the client to find the best possible pathway of treatment for the client. This approach certainly leads to a higher chance of a successful and long recovery and a new way of life away from the crippling pain of living with an addiction. Read the section below about our approach to Private Rehab Centres in Cape Town and Private Rehab Centres in the Western Cape as well as the impact of addiction on the family.

Private Rehab Centres in the Western Cape, Private Rehab Centres in Cape Town

How do we operate and find the best Private Rehab Centres in the Western Cape?

Finding Private Rehab Centres in the Western Cape and Private Rehab Centres in Cape Town with Cape Recovery is the modern and informed way to get the best treatment because we are independent and work for our clients by assessing each person and finding a perfect and suitable place for them based on the information we receive and not on our loyalty to a particular clinic or rehab centre. We enjoy what we do on a daily basis and we believe in correct placement as a way of saving any future expense and pain. Private Rehab Centres in the Western Cape and in particular, Private Rehab Centres in Cape Town are big business and like in any business it requires customers. We work with those customers in order to find a place that is perfectly suited to the person needing help meaning that if there is money to be spent on a private rehab centre in Cape Town, then it can be spent wisely and you or your loved one can receive the best possible level of care and treatment. Sustained recovery is crucial to us and part of what we do is to integrate the alcoholic or addict back into the community by encouraging engagement with others in the recovery community and by attending meetings such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA). I believe strongly that the real work starts after we stop our drinking, drug taking or addictive behaviour, living life without these things is often more difficult that stopping in the first place. That’s why at CapeRecovery, we always plan the process from start to finish and are around for the family and the loved ones affected by the individuals addiction, whenever they need us.

Why are Private Rehab Centres in Cape Town so good?

I have said on many occasions that the Cape Town recovery community is great. There are a lot of treatment centres covering a lot of substance addictions, process addictions and eating disorders and as such, there are a lot of people here in treatment. The therapeutic effect of one addict helping another is a long aged and proven method. Addicts and Alcoholics support one another and to me, that, along with correct placement, is the secret to a long and happy recovery. It’s not rocket science and people who are scared and vulnerable need hope, people offer hope and hope breads confidence.

Private Rehab Centres in Cape Town are the best!

We make no secret of Cape Town being our favourite place for addiction rehab as it has become my home since the moment I got sober and before. I found recovery here from a 25 year alcohol and drug addiction. I genuinely do maintain a strong belief that the recovery community in Cape Town is the best in the world and it is through the love and acceptance of the very people, recovering addicts, who welcomed me here that has made up my circle of friends over the last five years. My experience of coming over from the UK on my own, to an unfamiliar and hugely different country that I was accustomed to, that has taught me so much about getting and, more importantly, staying clean and sober and as such, I see it as my duty to pass that on to others who need help. My life is incredible these days and I want other people to experience that joy of living that I have discovered and they can do just that with the correct continued care and support. This is where CapeRecovery began and it’s this principle of helping others that is it’s solid foundation. Our reputation has grown rapidly because we strive to help everyone who contacts us, through our system of appropriate placement, honesty, approachability and flexibility. We work extremely closely with all the staff at our treatment centres, clinics and sober living houses so we can get better deals than anyone else due to our close working relationship with the facilities. For people on a lower income or  as often is the case, no income at all, we also do absolutely everything that we can. Everyone can now benefit from our push to attract an array of visitors from Europe and the rest of the World to Cape Town, using it as the perfect location for Recovery. Our overseas clients pay local prices for treatment, we make a small profit which partly enables us to sponsor a few rehab places for local people. It’s a perfect model and the amount of people who appreciate just what we are doing and are buying into this approach is incredible heart-warming. To those of you that continue to support us I would like to say a big thank you to each of you for your continued love every step of the way. Remember, we only work with hand selected Private Rehab Centres in the Western Cape and Private Rehab Centres in Cape Town so you will only get the highest quality treatment available. For a little more luxury, check out our five star rehab retreat.

So, if you want the best Private Rehab Centres in Cape Town, simply fill in this form today, call, whattsap or SMS us on +27 (82) 6359419, or e-mail me  personally at and then we will do, as ever, everything that we can to help you find the best Private Rehab Centres in the Western Cape to suit your individual requirements!