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Luxury and VIP Rehab

Luxury Rehab

Paid Rehab, Private Rehab, Residential Rehab, VIP Rehab.

Sometimes when you succumb to an addiction and accept the problem you need to take the next step. When a person has been locked in an addiction cycle for a long period of time, residential rehabilitation is often the only option. Luxury Rehab is nice but it’s not the most important thing. The quality of program, counsellors and support network is key and that’s why Cape Town Rehab has it all. Not only can we meet your Private Rehab specifications like offering private rooms, you also benefit from the real rehab and recovery experience which often the very expensive places lack. With our VIP Rehab, Residential Rehab Experience, we offer all the benefits of anonymity along with the opportunity to meet with real people experiencing the same real addiction issues. Our clients find this a valuable learning experience as part of recovery is knowing that you are not special and you are not alone. The thing that makes us more affordable than going through a UK based route of finding a rehab is that we are local, I live in Cape Town and know the people and the places that I work with well. They know my goal to offer the lowest prices possible to an overseas market while sponsoring local people into rehab along the way. It’s the perfect way to make a difference to not only yourself or a loved one by giving them the best possible rehab and recovery experience but also to help someone in South Africa who would never otherwise be given the chance. This approach is what makes us unique and determined to stop the misleading of overseas clients about the cost of rehab in Cape Town. Paid Rehab doesn’t have to be expensive, It really is very affordable and of a very high quality when you travel with Cape Recovery.

The one thing you want when looking for paid rehab, private rehab and residential rehab is value for money. Accepting that it does cost is one thing but what you get for your money with Cape Recovery is peace of mind because a local contact means you are not alone in a new and unfamiliar place. As  an ex-pat form the UK myself, I look after overseas clients and make sure they are supported every step of the way. Be it VIP Rehab or for someone simply wanting the best possible chance at recovery, we treat you all the same and give you an unrivalled personalised service from a guide with years of professional and personal experience in rehab and recovery.

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This is what an average three month luxury rehab experience includes:

  • Access to one of the best rehabs in the world in terms of program and staff for a three month program. I have been a client in all our private rehab centres so can find the ideal one to suit you or your loved ones individual needs.
  • Full medical and Psychiatric assessment as required.
  • Full 24 hour medically supervised detox for as long as required.
  • Options after the three months to stay on or we can find you or your loved ones suitable sober living arrangements at the lowest possible rates with support from a counsellor and the unrivalled local contact from Cape Recovery, available whenever they are needed.
  • The CapeRecovery personal touch – Guidance throughout the process from addicts in recovery and introductions to sponsors and friends in the Cape Recovery community.
  • Volunteering opportunities following completion of Rehab with our partners and opportunities to extend your stay with a volunteer Visa which we can assist in arranging.
  • Access and introductions to a vast recovery community with meetings in Cape town at least twice daily if required. Car transport to meetings following treatment if you wish to stay on and experience more of the Cape Town Recovery vibe.
  • Local, professional contacts should you require any additional support whilst you or your loved one are here.
  • I will even pick you or your loved one up from the airport and directly to the rehab for admission! Just hop on a flight.
  • The added bonus is that for every 10 overseas visitors who come over with CapeRecovery, we sponsor and pay for a local person to access rehab who would not otherwise be given the chance!

We can also offer a Two month Intensive Luxury Rehab package for less with the same benefits as above.

South African and Overseas clients catered for, prices stay the same, local prices for everyone! Contact Us today to get a quote. Our service is personalised and we can cater for everyones special requirements.

Visitors from the UK will really benefit from Paid Rehab, Residential Rehab and VIP Rehab because they only pay local rates too, you can check out our international site.

So whatever your Private Rehab and Residential Rehab requirements, VIP Rehab or Luxury Rehab, paid Rehab at Cape Recovery doesn’t mean that pay too much as we offer the best value for the best Cape Town Rehab Experience!