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Rehab Help

Looking For A Rehab? Rehab Help – Find Rehab in Cape Town.

Finding a Rehab

Are you looking for a rehab but not sure where to start? At CapeRecovery we don’t just find rehab in Cape Town for you and offer all the rehab help you will ever need, we set our hearts on finding a rehab that is perfectly suited to the individual needs of each and every one of our clients. We are not affiliated with any specific rehabs and we only work with ones that match our strict morals and fit in with our criteria of offering the higehest quality, best value addiction treatment.

Finding a Rehab Help, Find Rehab in Cape Town, Looking for a Rehab

The way we go about finding the perfect rehab for the individual is by gathering information from the client. A short but consice pre-assessment is carried out by our staff who have decades of experience in treating clients with all types of addictions, process addictions and eating disorders. From the results of the pre-assessment we then only use that information along with our unique impartiality to suggest the most suitable place for the client in question. This method of pre-assessing clients ensures that they take the best route towards recovery as well as being guaranteed the best price for that treatment, if you have medical aid, we will ensure that you get the most out of that in terms of time and quality of treatment. An example of why you need to know the facts is that some centres will claim to have detox facilities and medical staff in place but do not. We cut through the nonsense and if a client needs full medical detox then we ensure that they receive it in a registered medical detox unit with 24 hour medical cover. You cannot take risks with people lives.

That’s not where our work ends because at CapeRecovery we follow the client through treatment by regularly visiting and staying up to date with their progress. We also offer our full support to the family throughout the process, keeping them informed on their loved ones progress. Communication between us and the centres is second to none because we have a very close working relationship with everyone we choose to work alongside.

We also, as part of the CapeRecovery Experience, follow up after rehab and provide options for aftercare, sober living, meetings and engagement with the incredible Cape Town Recovery Community. It’s the complete package to ensure our clients have the best possible chance of a full and happy recovery.

So, If you are looking for a rehab and it’s Rehab Help that you are after, finding a rehab is easy with CapeRecovery, let us find rehab in Cape Town or elsewhere in South Africa today, Simply Contact Us!