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Continued Care

Where do you go after rehab? – Extended Care (Continued Care) Rehab Aftercare.

The question of where do you go after rehab comes up a lot at CapeRecovery. Many rehabs offer rehab aftercare but just one session, once a week and attendance tends to be low, obviously individual motivation is the most important factor here. The addiction usually took a long period of time to come to the fore so a full recovery simply isn’t feasible in a period of 21 days or a month and in my opinion, some sort of extended care or continued care is vital. We often find people coming to us for some impartial advice about the next step of their own, or a loved ones, recovery journey. There is a tendency, as medical aid only pays for primary rehab treatment or just the detox period, for clients to leave without any guidance or follow up. This is an advantage to the primary centres as they get repeat custom but doesn’t seem very ethical to me as it puts lives at risk. Repeat trips to rehab is unfortunately a common occurrence, however the chance can be lessoned by putting a follow up plan in place and continuing the journey with a period at a secondary rehab, tertiary rehab or a stay in sober living accommodation. Even if this is not financially possible, we can advise on meetings to attend and things to do in order to keep working on the individuals recovery. We are also working hard to make sober living more affordable and seeking funding for sponsored and part-sponsored beds in our remarkable sober living homes.

After Rehab, Continued Care, Extended Care, Secondary Rehab, Tertiary Rehab, Sober Living Accommodation
Where do you go After Rehab? Continued Care, Extended Care – Secondary Rehab, Tertiary Rehab and Sober Living Accommodation

Secondary Rehab, Tertiary Rehab and Sober Living Accommodation

We work only with the best secondary rehab, tertiary rehab and sober living accommodation available. The environment and the quality of care given is what’s important to us when choosing who we work alongside. This way we can stay involved and see all our clients throughout the whole rehabilitation process and beyond, that’s the CapeRecovery way! When our clients are safely in their chosen extended care or continued care accommodation, we work with them and their counsellors and also support the families back home and make introductions to the Cape Town Recovery Community, social events and even volunteering opportunities or help finding work.

So, you do have choice for extended care and continued care after rehab. We have the best secondary rehab, tertiary rehab and sober living accommodation in Cape Town and beyond to suit the individual requirements of all our clients, Contact Us today and we will do everything that we can to help.