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Addiction Rehab Facilities in Cape Town South Africa

Addiction Rehab Facilities in Cape Town South Africa

The variety of addiction rehab facilities in Cape Town South Africa is huge and the quality of treatment at the centres is varied. At CapeRecovery we only work with the best treatment facilities and aim to offer informed choice as we are independent of any individual rehab facility. A decision to address ones addiction, process addiction or eating disorder is a huge one for both the individual and those around them, that’s why we aim to make the process as painless and straight forward as possible.

Addiction Rehab Facilities in Cape Town South Africa, Rehab Facility

Find the best Rehab Facility

Once you contact us, we make a full pre-assessment of the individual client, we then find the most appropriate rehab placement based purely on the response that we get. The reason we gather this information and concentrate on finding the perfect centre is that correct placement leads to a greater chance of success and in the long run saves a lot of pain and money  that can be involved when a person enters an environment that is not correctly suited to them. We want all our clients to be successful and find happiness in recovery. Once we find the perfect rehab facility and the client is safely in the best place, we also keep in regular contact with the family who are often forgotten at this trying time. We offer support and advice if they need it and keep in regular contact with the treatment facility to ensure that all is well.

Following treatment, our involvement doesn’t have to end if you don’t want it to. We can ensure that aftercare is provided, find a suitable sober living house or halfway house and introduce the client to the incredible and highly supportive Cape Town Recovery Community. Maintenance of a persons recovery is the most important thing and meetings help them with this. We provide our clients with info of appropriate meetings close to them and are always here to answer any questions that may come up about anything recovery related. Overseas clients can also come over to Cape Town and receive the whole CapeRecovery Experience, visit our Overseas Site or UK Site today.

So, for the best addiction rehab facilities in Cape Town, get all the support you need and let CapeRecovery do the hard work in finding the best possible rehab facility for you, Contact Us Now!