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South Africa Rehab

Cape Town Rehab, South Africa Rehab

Drug Clinic, Alcohol Clinic and Treatment for all process addictions and eating disorders.

Rehab Help

South Africa Rehab hosts some of the best facilities in the world. Cape Town Rehab at Cape Recovery is unique as we are run by people with real experience of the centres that we work with so our Rehab Help is the highest quality, experienced Rehab Help! We can be impartial as we work with a number of places and each of them have different specialities. We can also be impartial as we don’t have our own clinic to fill so the advice and information will always be honest and open and options will always be provided. We have an excellent drug clinic, alcohol clinic and treatment and rehab for all addictions, process addictions and eating disorders.

Why Cape Recovery?

It’s difficult to run a business in a country where there are a huge percentage of people who simply work to eat and can’t afford the high costs of many treatments, that’s why for Cape Town Rehab at Cape Recovery it is our principle that we offer assistance to everyone regardless of their ability to pay for treatment. Every person who calls us is equal and we have the time to talk to anyone even if it ends in no profit. I believe this is where we differ from every rehab and agent in this competitive market. Our ”competition” are simply interested in people with money available so they can take the commission and profit from the high end of a lucrative market. This type of discrimination saddens me personally and yes, to run a business there does need to be some degree of profit, but we use a percentage of all profit to put back into resources to help and advise the people who make up the majority, those on low or no income. This is a win, win situation for me because it further enhances our reputation and gives me peace of mind doing what I love and what makes me happy, genuinely helping others. See Living Clean page for more info on recovery life. Whatever drug clinic, alcohol clinic, rehab help or support you receive is always courteous and always of the highest quality, we don’t discriminate. We will always do absolutely everything that we possibly can to help.

Cape Town Rehab, Drug Clinic, Alcohol Clinic, Rehab Help, South Africa Rehab.
Cape Town Rehab

Cape Town Recovery Community.

The Cape Town Recovery Community is huge and as well as a place for getting clean and sober in the first place, it is the ideal environment to grow and learn to live your life and your recovery in beautiful surroundings. Cape Town Rehab at CapeRecovery provides all the support you will ever need and doesn’t forget about you once you are in rehab, we follow up and then offer access to the recovery community, friendship, fellowship, meetings and social events. This is what recovery is all about so wherever in the world you are we are the only people with which to plan your recovery. In addition to all this we also offer airport transfers for local and overseas clients, help with finding a sponsor if necessary, a friendly face to meet you personally and allow you to ask all the questions that are on your mind, in fact, it’s simply an honest and transparent service that has been lacking in this business for too long now. CapeRecovery has been around for two years and we have finally arrived because people like the way we do business! We are the only ones to offer the complete Cape Town Rehab experience!

So, Contact Us now and speak to one of our friendly, experienced and down to earth staff, they are incredible and hand picked but I would say that, I picked them myself!

South Africa Rehab

We also have a variety of South Africa Rehab Centres if you would prefer another location however you only get the full Cape Recovery experience with Cape Town Rehab as I believe we have the best specialist drug clinic, alcohol clinic with rehab help and support available for all other addictions, process addiction and eating disorders.

” I came through this process myself under my partner site which is run by my close friend and that was two and a half years ago. I believe in this and I want others to have the opportunities that I have been given.”

Simon Turner



Tel: +27 (76) 0152776

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For other options like Family Support, Sober Living check out the Home Page or simply Contact Us and we will do all we can to help. Visitors from outside South Africa should check out our rehab packages for overseas visitors check out UK and International Site.

So, for Rehab Help, finding the best South Africa Rehab, Cape Town Rehab, Drug Clinic or Alcohol Clinic then we are the ones to trust because we truly care about our clients and want them to enjoy a clean, sober and happy life!