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Our Aim

Addiction Help, Addiction Treatment and Addiction Rehab.

See what we treat – Treating Addiction

Addiction Help and Addiction Treatment – Get access to quality addiction rehab and let CapeRecovery guide you or your loved one through the whole process of recovery and beyond.

Treating addiction in not easy and accessing quality addiction treatment is a complex process, that is why we only work with the best people and places out there, those who share the same CapeRecovery ethos of putting clients first ahead of anything else. Our aim is to provide addiction help to any person and to ensure that they receive hassle-free, affordable and accessible alcohol, drug, process addiction  and eating disorder rehab in an often confusing market.

When considering Addiction Treatment, guidance for both the addict and their close family and friends is essential. Guidance not just from the treatment centres themselves but from an independent source, someone who has been through the challenging process of relocating in a long journey of achieving sobriety.

Once we find a suitable treatment centre for the individual, the support doesn’t end there, in fact that’s where the journey begins.

Treating Addiction, Addiction Treatment, Addiction Rehab, Addiction Clinic, Addiction Help
Addiction Help – Our Aim

Because of our experience, status in the recovery community and flexibility we are able to offer:

  • Airport transfers
  • Pick ups for meetings
  • Our unique pre-assessment to place the addict where they will be happiest and where they will receive the best possible care according to their individual needs and problems.
  • Opportunities following treatment for voluntary work with our partners and sober living arrangements for people wanting to extend their stay in Cape Town.
  • Introductions to fellow addicts in recovery and meetings, social events so they can build a circle of friends in recovery.

Everything is covered because we are active in the heart of the recovery community in Cape Town.

”The vision of an all in one recovery and treatment co-ordinated service came about from my own personal experience of spending a fortune on UK treatment then coming to Cape Town for extended care. If I had known about this opportunity I could have saved tens of thousands of pounds and spent the time needed to ensure a full recovery in a cost effective way. After 25 years of addiction to alcohol and other drugs, change didn’t happen over night for me, there is no quick fix. With CapeRecovery everything is taken care of, you know the price up front and don’t get bombarded with ‘hidden extras’. Many people choose to stay on after rehab and take advantage of the Cape Town sun and lifestyle, many go back to their jobs and families. Everyone who comes here has the experience of a lifetime and I believe they get the best chance of a full and happy recovery anywhere in the world.” (read more about my time here in my recovery BLOG.)

Simon Turner


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CapeRecovery are the only team dedicated to providing impartial and honest advice and addiction help for any problem, we aim to advise everyone who contacts us on the best addiction treatment and addiction rehab possible.