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Why Cape Recovery?

Cape Town Recovery, Best Addiction Treatment and Rehab Centres Cape Town

Cape Town is host to many rehabs, clinics and treatment centres. Some are outstanding and make Cape Town the best destination for recovery from any addiction. The best addiction treatment, dual-diagnosis issue or eating disorder treatment. Unfortunately there are many new ones opening that are not registered and are making false claims as to what they treat and the reality is that such places are only interested in profit and ultimately not providing the most appropriate care for the individual and it pains me to say it but in this business, correct placement is key and those who are attending these fraudulent places are being put at rick, financially ripped off but most importantly, delaying their recovery and worse case scenario, losing there lives as a result. That is why Cape Recovery exists because we are up front about the places that are good, the best rehab centres Cape Town has to offer, and also, those that are not, as we want each of our clients to enjoy a happy and long recovery. When people enter treatment with CapeRecovery we are confident that they are in the correct place and we personally guide them throughout the process offering impartial choices along the way.

Why Cape Recovery?

Cape Recovery, Best Addiction Treatment, Cape Town Recovery, Addiction Treatment, Rehab Centres Cape Town
Cape Recovery – Best Addiction Treatment – Cape Town Recovery, Addiction Treatment and Rehab Centres Cape Town

The market of recovery and rehab is a confusing one but one that I have studied for many years both as a client and a service provider, if you want to read about my personal journey and how Cape Recovery then check out The CapeRecovery Story, if not then continue reading. So, the question at this often frightening and confusing time is, where do you start looking for Cape Town Recovery with the Best Addiction Treatment and Rehab Centres Cape Town has to offer, when you are a long way away (6000 miles for may of our overseas clients from Europe!) and don’t have a full understanding of  the local cost of effective addiction treatment? The answer  is, with Cape Recovery of course, there is no other option like it. These are some of the reasons why….

  • We are the one and only dedicated Cape Town Recovery case management team, that is because we focus on the clients entire journey from home, rehab and aftercare to an independent and fulfilled life. Good management of the whole process, with guidance and options at crucial stages in a persons recovery increases the chance of a full recovery from addiction.
  • Our advice is always free and impartial as we hand pick a select variety of the best treatment centres to work with, ones who share the same honest values and goals as we do.
  • We have our specially chosen partners to deal with every eventuality, addiction, process addiction and eating disorder, enabling us to find the ideal, client tailored treatment. Our relationship and joint working gives people the best experience with Rehab Centres Cape Town at Cape Recovery.
  • Our joint working and communication systems with people from both overseas and here in Cape Town, with Cape Town Recovery enable us to achieve a seamless care plan and smooth, effective process for the individual client.
  • The fact that we have such a close working relationship with the rehab centres that we use ensures that we can be happy and comfortable in our claim that every single one of our clients will receive the highest quality, individualised treatment that is available and they will also pay a fair price every time.
  • Our prices simply cannot be matched and we provide the same quality of treatment, even better in many cases, than anyone else! We pay the best addiction treatment centres local rates making the common practice of hiking the costs for overseas clients redundant. We also use a percentage of any profit from overseas clients to sponsor and continue providing support to local people who have no means of paying for treatment.
  • We are a very small but highly attentive and hugely motivated team with experience in nursing, counselling and legal issues so we know what we’re talking about, we also have a great local knowledge and lengthy personal experience in the addiction field both as clients and service providers.
  • We are 100% transparent and we are always striving to offer reduced or even free places whenever possible. We also keep all our running costs to a minimum in order to give unrivalled value for money and quality.
  • We offer a truly unique and personal service with direct phone numbers and e-mail addresses so you always know exactly who you are dealing with.
  • We never talk money to begin with, we get the full client details and offer free advice and information and only then do we see what the budget is and how we can get the most out of it for the client.

During a pre-assessment we find the perfect rehab, treatment centre or clinic for any addiction, process addiction, dual-diagnosis issue or eating disorder. We only choose a route based on the individuals needs and want all our clients to recover!

This is a recent e-mail we received from the mother of a client. They were on a budget and needed the best quality treatment for the price that she could afford. It was important to us that we didn’t allow her to waste the little she did have but also that we could provide quality treatment as we promise, so we made no financial gain from the process, in fact we lost on time, petrol and phone charges but gained much more in recognition for what  we had done and a sense of real accomplishment. I have changed the peoples names for obvious reasons and will also be using some quotes from her previous e-mail to give people an example of the service we give and quite simply, just enjoy doing what we do which is giving people the best possible quality with rehab centres Cape Town at CapeRecovery. The good news is that you will receive the best addiction treatment and a full cape recovery experience whatever budget you have.

Hi Simon,

Many thanks for your return mail and l am really happy to hear that you and Melanie are going solo. I honestly think you two are doing wonderful work and make a great team. Of course you are most welcome to use my e-mail as a testimonial on your website, l would be happy for you to use it. We saw Helen yesterday afternoon again and I honestly want to cry with happiness at her progress. She honestly looks so well and healthy and is so calm and positive about the future l cannot believe it is the same person of three weeks ago. She talks about her program and progress with so much pride and confidence it almost makes me scared. I told her that you and Mel are visiting the centre tomorrow and that she must keep a lookout for you as l would love for her to meet you two. Good luck with your venture and l know that you guys will make a huge success of it. Take care and love to Mel.

Warmest regards


Best Rehab in Cape Town, Best Cape Town Eating Disorder Treatment, The Best Rehab Centres Cape Town.

And that is that, it’s simple and anyone can get this quality of service at an affordable price wherever in the UK or Europe you may live. At Cape Recovery we don’t do complicated, we simply provide the best in Cape Town Recovery, Best Addiction Treatment and Rehab Centres Cape Town so get in touch today and we will do all we can to help you.