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Alcohol Treatment Centres in Cape Town South Africa

Alcohol Treatment Centres in Cape Town South Africa

How do I find the best Alcohol Treatment Centres in Cape Town South Africa?

When treating the abuse of alcohol, as with every addict that we work with, we must always remember that alcoholics are individuals, they are all at very different stages in their process and some of them require more pushing than others. Firstly, they must be at a stage where they are willing and ready to accept any help offered as this is the main factor in beginning a long and happy recovery. The intensity of the initial treatment required depends upon a number of factors, a mayor one being the length of time the individual has been drinking and the amounts they are regularly consuming. An alcohol addiction can be a very slow burner and develop over a long period of time, years, even decades. It often takes an individual a long time to recognise and accept the addiction. Because the addiction has taken a long time to take hold and denial is often strong, alcohol abuse treatments are most effective when done in specialist alcohol treatment centres where the client can be detoxed safely and begin to work through any unresolved issues that left untreated could lead them back to drinking. It can also be quite a long and costly process so that’s why here at CapeRecovery, we handpick only the best quality treatment centres that fit your budget so any money spent will be well spent. If you have medical aid in place for the individual then we will also ensure that you get the longest possible stay and the best quality of treatment. We have a number of Alcohol Treatment Centres in Cape Town South Africa who we have specially chosen to work with. Find out more about the whole process of admission and the information we require to find the perfect place for the client by checking out this message from our Admissions Director.Alcohol Treatment Centres in Cape Town South Africa

How does Alcohol Rehab and Alcohol Detox work?

Alcohol can be one of the most dangerous of all substance addictions to detox from and should not be attempted alone without the proper medical supervision. This is especially important in cases in which the individual is drinking a large volume and/or has been drinking alcohol for a long period of time. Commonly, the nature of alcoholics is that their addiction has developed over a long period of time and alcoholics can be very set in their ways and incredibly challenging to break down in terms of denial and the many excuses for their drinking. All of our alcohol treatment centres have fully equipped detox units, staffed by trained medical professionals around the clock to ensure the safest and most comfortable detox experience possible. After the period of detox is over and the client is stable, it is advised that they spend a minimum of a month in treatment, ideally three months, as the longer a person in in treatment, the better the chance of a sustained and successful recovery. We work with a number of sober living houses and make aftercare arrangements to enable a comfortable and effective return home or back to ‘normal’ everyday life. We also work with a variety of quality home detox, life coaching and outpatient options so check that out if the person simply cannot afford to spend the time in rehab though I would always advise rehab as the most effective and highest possible chance of continued sobriety. We can also advise on any AA meetings and support groups in the persons area to help maintain sobriety, just ask us.

So, if you believe that you or a loved one have a problem with alcohol and want the best advice, information or direct admission to alcohol treatment centres in Cape Town South Africa, then all you have to do is simply contact us and we will give you all the help you will need and sort everything out for you!