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Alcohol Rehabilitation in Cape Town South Africa

Alcohol Rehabilitation in Cape Town South Africa

Alcohol Rehabilitation in Cape Town South Africa is amongst the greatest in the world but we know that dealing with an alcohol addiction either yourself or for another is often a confusing time. There is a lot of competition for alcohol rehab in Cape Town South Africa with a great deal of information out there, making it very difficult to see what exactly you are paying out for and you are kept in the dark about whether there are better options for less or the same cost. As I’ve said many times before, alcohol rehabilitation in Cape Town South Africa is generally of the highest quality but you do need to know exactly what is best for you or your loved one, rather than be told to go down a certain route. Big business and big competition means that the big organisations often get a lions share of the customers because of monopolies and some practices that go on that the person on the street isn’t aware of, leading to a major distrust in the industry as a whole. This is essentially the reason that CapeRecovery was born, to enable everyone to access honest, impartial and independent advice and information from an individual who has found recovery and been through the system at most of the rehabs themselves. My personal experience in recovery includes being a client in most of the Alcohol Rehab in Cape Town South Africa myself so I can see the situation from both sides of the fence. This personal experience along with decades of nursing care and counselling experience in the field of addiction treatment make for a perfect combination of realism and effective care. We thoroughly assess every client individually and from what we find out, we work with that person and their family to carefully plan and find you the best placement for the client. This approach also leads to an improved chance of a full and successful recovery and a life away from the pain and anguish of addiction. Take a look below too see our approach alcohol rehab in Cape Town South Africa.

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Alcohol Rehab in Cape Town South Africa

In other parts of South Africa and hopefully the world, we would like to keep the same CapeRecovery processes and values in terms of offering support to every person who contacts us, giving them all the best possible prices for treatment and finding the most appropriate treatment for the individual client. Our special focus on the entire family in our approach to addiction treatment ensures that the families and the friends of the client don’t become neglected and are able to access the support that they need. Read more about Addiction – A Family Disease to understand that we are around throughout the entire process for everyone, there are also some handy tips on dealing and living with an alcoholic.

Alcohol Rehabilitation in Cape Town South Africa

We do favour Cape Town for alcohol addiction rehab as it is now my home and I myself found recovery from a long, 25 year alcohol addiction here. I genuinely believe that the Cape Town recovery community is somewhere amongst the best in the world and it’s those people, the recovering addicts and alcoholics, that have welcomed me here that have made up my entire circle of friends over the five years I’ve had the pleasure of living here. My valuable experience of moving over from the UK to a strange and unknown country has taught me a loads about getting and staying sober and I do believe that it is my duty to pass that on to others in need. My life is more incredible than I could ever have dreamed of now and other peoples lives can also become incredible if they are provided with the correct continued care and support. I guess what I’m saying is that there is hope! This is where CapeRecovery was born and bred and we have developed a solid reputation for offering help to everyone through our unique system of appropriate placement and open flexibility. People on little or no income are not simply ignored and can also benefit from our scheme that attracts many European visitors to Cape Town as a chosen destination for their recovery and they are also benefiting hugely by paying local prices, thus in part enabling us to sponsor places for as many local people as possible. The large amount of people who are buying into this approach is phenomenal and I would like to take the opportunity and time to thank every one of you for your continued love and support.

So, for the best Alcohol Rehabilitation in Cape Town South Africa, simply fill in this form and Contact Us, call, whattsap or SMS us on +27 (82) 6359419, or e-mail me personally at and as always, we will do absolutely all we can to help to find the perfect Alcohol Rehab in Cape Town South Africa!