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Alcohol Rehab Centres in Cape Town South Africa

Alcohol Rehabilitation Centres in Cape Town South Africa

Alcohol Rehabilitation Centres in Cape Town South Africa are amongst some of the best in the world however, dealing with any kind of addiction either for yourself or for somebody else is often a very scary and overall confusing time. There is a great deal of competition for alcohol addiction treatment in Cape Town and in the country as a whole and a load of information available to people, some misleading, making it hard to see exactly what it is you are opting for and whether there may be better options available to you for less or the same cost. As I regularly say and believe, addiction treatment here is generally top quality but you must be correctly informed as to what is the best course of treatment for you or your loved one, rather than be pushed down a certain route. Competition means that big organisations receive a huge share of the business because of monopolies and practices that go on under the surface, leading to distrust in the industry as a whole. This is essentially why CapeRecovery began, to engage with people and to enable them to access independent and honest, advice and information from someone who has found recovery personally and experienced a variety of different rehab settings themselves. My own experience covers most of the alcohol rehabilitation centres in Cape Town South Africa who we now work very closely with, so I can be somewhat impartial. This past experience along with decades of clinical nursing experience in the addiction field make for  a perfect combination of effective individualised care. We understand that everyone is different so we make individualised assessments and from the results, we work with both the family and the client to find the best possible treatment pathway for the client. This approach actually leads to a better chance of a successful and prolonged recovery and a life away from the crippling pain of addiction. Read below about our approach to Alcohol Rehab Centres in Cape Town South Africa.

Alcohol Rehabilitation Centres in Cape Town South Africa, Alcohol Rehab Centres in Cape Town South Africa
Alcohol Rehabilitation Centres in Cape Town South Africa, Alcohol Rehab Centres in Cape Town South Africa

Alcohol Rehabilitation Centres in Cape Town

We would like to keep the same CapeRecovery morals of offering support to everyone, throughout all of South Africa and maybe soon, other parts of the world. This mission is to give everyone the best possible deal in terms of the cost and the quality of treatment and finding the rehab that is best suited to the individual. What makes us stand out though is our care and focus on the whole family which ensures that the loved ones of the client don’t get left out of the process and can access the support and help that they need too. Read more about Addiction – A Family Disease if you’d like to see what we do for families and rest assured that we are contactable throughout the whole process, also included are some tips on living with and coping with an alcoholic.

Why are the Alcohol Rehab Centres in Cape Town South Africa the best?

We make no secret of favouring Cape Town for addiction rehab as it has become my home since I got sober and found recovery from a 25 year alcohol and drug addiction. I genuinely do believe that the recovery community in Cape Town is the best in the world and it is the love and acceptance of the people that welcomed me here that has made up my circle of friends over the last five years. My experience of coming over alone from the UK to an unfamiliar and hugely different country has taught me a great deal about getting and, more importantly, staying clean and sober and I do believe it is my duty to pass that on to others who need help. My life is incredible now and I want other people to experience that joy of living and they can with the correct continued care and support. This is where CapeRecovery was born and our reputation has grown because we offer help to everyone through our system of appropriate placement, approachability and flexibility. We work very closely with the staff at our Alcohol Rehab Centres in Cape Town South Africa so we can get better deals than anyone else. For people on a lower income or no income at all can also benefit from our push to attract an array of European visitors to Cape Town as a perfect location for Recovery and they also pay South Africa local prices, thus in part enabling us to sponsor a few places for local people. The amount of people who appreciate what we are doing and are buying into this approach is touching and I would like to say a big thank you to each and every one of you for your continued love and support.

So, for the best Alcohol Rehabilitation Centres in Cape Town South Africa, simply fill in this form and Contact Us, call, whattsap or SMS us on +27 (82) 6359419, or e-mail me personally at and as always, we will do absolutely everything that we can to help you find the best Alcohol Rehab Centres in Cape Town South Africa!