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Alcohol Rehab Cape Town with CapeRecovery

Alcohol Rehab Cape Town

Alcohol Rehab Cape Town with Cape Recovery is the modern and informed way to find the best Alcohol Rehabilitation in Cape Town because we are independent and work for our clients by assessing each person and finding a suitable place for them based on the information we receive and not on our loyalty to a particular clinic or centre. We enjoy what we do and we believe in correct placement as a way of saving future expense and pain. Cape Town Alcohol Rehab is a big business believe it or not and as in any business people need customers. We work with those customers in order to find a place that is suited to the person needing help meaning that if there is money to be spent on alcohol rehab in Cape Town, then it can be spent wisely and you or your loved one can receive the best possible care. Sustained recovery is important to us and part of what we do is integrate the alcoholic or addict back into the community by encouraging engagement with others in recovery and meetings such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). I believe strongly that the real work starts after we stop drinking, living life without alcohol is often more difficult that stopping drinking! That’s why at CapeRecovery, we plan the process from start to finish and are around for the family an the loved ones affected by the individuals drinking, whenever they need us.

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Why is Alcohol Rehabilitation in Cape Town so good?

I have said on many occasions that the Cape Town recovery community is great. There are a lot of treatment centres covering a lot of addictions, process addictions and eating disorders and as such, there are a lot of people here in treatment. The therapeutic effect of one addict helping another is a long aged and proven method. Addicts and Alcoholics support one another and to me, that, along with correct placement, is the secret to a long and happy recovery. It’s not rocket science and people who are scared and vulnerable need hope, people offer hope and hope breads confidence.

How does Cape Town Alcohol Rehab work, finding the best Alcohol Rehab in Cape Town

Impartiality is key to a good rehab experience, as soon as one starts looking at it as a business, priorities and loyalties become blurred. The way we work is to treat the initial enquiry with an open mind, we make no decisions on the best course of treatment until we have gathered enough information to make a suggestion. The process is carried out by qualified triage staff and the most important thing is the ability to make an impartial recommendation and allow the client to make an informed choice.

So, Alcohol Rehab Cape Town with CapeRecovery doesn’t have to be difficult, make the best decision on Alcohol Rehabilitation in Cape Town Alcohol Rehab by using our rehab triage and assessment service specifically geared towards Alcohol Rehab in Cape Town, Contact Us today!