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Alcohol Addiction Rehabilitation Cape Town

Alcohol Addiction Rehabilitation in Cape Town

The side of my work with CapeRecovery that gives me the most personal pleasure is working with people with long term alcohol addictions. Alcohol Addiction Rehabilitation in Cape Town is what worked for me and I believe that if the person is willing and they get the correct guidance then it can work for anyone. I had a long drinking history spanning 25 years and although I must have been aware of the problems it was causing not only to me but to those around me, denial will always win through when you are stuck in the throws of a crippling addiction. As soon as the substance, whatever it may be, is in your system, logical thinking disappears and the desire to use and get more is stronger than the desire to do even the basic things in life. The notion of choice, a long debated argument in addiction, literally doesn’t exist at this stage because the brain chemistry changes and no matter how sensible or respected the addict is, they do not think rationally. It becomes clearer now that I have been free of drugs and alcohol for a few years and now it is my choice to not drink or use any drugs, it’s amazing, enlightening and something that I never believed was possible even for a few hours. That’s why I founded CapeRecovery, because I want to see others receive what I have. I believe strongly in the notion of one addict helping another and that is why CapeRecovery is a little different to rehabs and agents in the business. We look at the person holistically and individually and work from there to find the most suitable place for them. We then get them involved in recovery events and the recovery community here in Cape Town and plan everything after the rehab to ensure they are fully equipped to living a sober life before they return home. This often involves a period of sober living and voluntary work and we arrange absolutely everything for the complete rehab and recovery package. Being an alcoholic in recovery and having re learnt how to live life is a new and exciting time but it is very challenging. Part of that challenge for me is running CapeRecovery effectively and helping others have hope that they can one day live without any alcohol.

Alcohol Addiction Rehabilitation in Cape Town

Addiction Rehabilitation in Cape Town

It’s not only alcohol addiction that we treat in this holistic way, we also have packages available for all substance addictions, process addictions and eating disorders. I believe that a mixture of people with different addictions or eating disorders makes for the perfect recovery environment and that is why we do what we do, helping people make friends, people who have faced the same or similar struggles. It’s infectious and the sense of community here is what makes peoples recovery special, even when they leave Cape Town and go back to their lives, the bonds and friendships remain strong. Find out more about the Cape Town Recovery Community or if you want to be a part of it or want to help someone who would benefit from this complete and unique experience then simply Contact Us and we will arrange absolutely everything!

So, for the finest full rehab and recovery packages, choose alcohol addiction rehabilitation in Cape Town with CapeRecovery and we will arrange everything for you!