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Alcohol Rehab

Alcohol Rehab? Alcoholic? - Alcohol Addiction and Alcohol Treatment.


It is everywhere and arguably one of the most damaging drugs that people use. The problem is worsened by its social acceptability as people are almost expected to drink alcohol in a social setting. Not everyone who drinks is an alcoholic or has an alcohol addiction, many people can control their intake, however, if a person is an addict then it can take hold and destroy their lives and the lives of those around them. Long term alcohol use is one of the most ingrained addictions as it could have been going on for decades, thus, it usually needs to be managed with effective alcohol treatment at an alcohol rehab that provides full medical detox facilities. Long term sobriety needs a solid foundation, if you don’t start off with the right support it can easily go wrong.

Alcohol Addiction

One of the most common, unnoticed and devastating among the addictions is alcoholism, i.e. alcohol addiction. Alcohol Addiction is complex and is often combined with other addictions, process addictions or mental health problems such as depression. Not every alcohol consumer is an alcoholic, but if you find yourself or somebody close to you begin and uncontrollably use alcohol on a regular basis, be aware that you might have a serious problem. Long term misuse of alcohol results in increased tolerance as well as physical dependence. Alcohol misuse can have disastrous effects to the consumer:

  • epilepsy
  • pancreatitis
  • emotional distress
  • social effects
  • criminal behaviour
  • diabetes
  • heart problems
  • gout
  • liver failure
  • kidney failure

Social stigma can also prevent intervention, diagnosis and treatment, but it is a serious addiction and the effects can be fatal. The big difference that drinking has over other substances aside from it being legal, socially acceptable and freely available, is that as an addiction it can manifest over decades. The decline is so slow it is often hard to identify just when it became a problem. This is dangerous because denial is strong in people who drink regularly. It is often only when they have stopped for a while that they can look back and see the extent of the problems it was causing in their lives.

Alcohol Treatment

Contact us to talk through what is going on for you or a loved one. We can objectively and honestly provide you with any assistance you might need.

Am I an Alcoholic?

If you are unsure if you or a loved one is an alcoholic and if they would benefit form alcohol rehab then try answering these Simple Questions, if you can answer yes to three or more, you or they probably do have a problem.

Alcohol Rehab

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Cape Town
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”In my experience, drinking became a way of life from an early age, at first it was the normal thing to do, it was what everyone else of my age was doing, I didn’t seem to be drinking any more or less than anyone else. The difference was that when they stopped that lifestyle and moved onto other things like marriage, having children and starting careers, these things took priority and they carried on with their lives. Drinking was always my priority and over the space of 20 years it cost me everything I had and destroyed the person I wanted to be.”

Simon Turner

Director (CapeRecovery)

I drank for about 25 years before receiving alcohol rehab and getting sober, it took away everything I had over time and I do wish I had found the solution earlier, however I wouldn’t change anything now as my life is good and I’ve learnt so much from the rehab process.

If you are interested, here in my about my struggles with addiction then check out my Addiction Blog.

Daily drinking over a long period of time will certainly require medical support when detoxing as the risks are high. All our centres provide the best medical detox prior to the rehabilitation period. This is included in the cost for the first month of treatment.

If you want easily accessible and affordable alcohol treatment and alcohol rehab then Contact Us Now.

So, if you suspect you are an alcoholic or you think your loved one has a problem with alcohol, then we are the best people to help with alcohol addiction guiding you towards the best alcohol treatment and alcohol rehab around.