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Private Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Private Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Private Drug Rehab in South Africa and Private Alcohol Rehab in South Africa

Drug and Alcohol Rehab in South Africa is very much in demand as the country is struggling with the sheer numbers of people who have addictions to various substances. The problem is that although there are plenty of private rehabs available, free and government institutions are no where near the same quality, have long waiting lists and are limited in terms of numbers and places available. This is a problem for a large majority of the people who live in the country as they have no means of covering the cost of an expensive rehab. At CapeRecovery, we try to ease the situation by offering free advice and info to everyone, finding the few free places that are available and encouraging sponsorship of places from our treatment centres along with providing as many free places as we can based on the number of overseas clients that we attract here. The bottom line, despite all these efforts however is that for quality rehab treatment the person must usually find a way of paying. Again, for these people, we always ensure that they pay the lowest possible price for treatment and ensure that everyone, regardless of their financial situation or where they come from, pays the same lowest local prices for the best quality of Private Drug Rehab in South Africa and Private Alcohol Rehab in South Africa.

Private Drug Rehab in South Africa, Private Alcohol Rehab in South Africa

Drug and Alcohol addictions are dealt with in the same way at our quality clinic and it is equipped with a full detox unit staffed 24 hours by medical personnel. Detox is a vital stage in the rehab process as it can be dangerous and extremely difficult to detox alone, the experienced staff ensure that all our clients receive the safest and most comfortable detox possible. Read about the addiction rehabilitation process if you wish. Once the detox stage is over then the real work begins with a packed program of individual and group counselling, really exploring and getting to the bottom of the underlying issues that led to the addictive behaviour. This is a vital part of the recovery process as without understanding the reasons for using or drinking and addressing those issues, it is almost impossible to remain sober or drug free for any substantial length of time. Quality of counselling and activities at this time have a huge impact on the success or failure of the overall recovery process. It is our view at CapeRecovery that if money is to be spent on treatment or medical aid used, that it is used wisely to receive the best possible treatment thus giving the greatest chance of a full and prolonged recovery. We take care of everything from admission, rehab, aftercare, sober living, engagement with meetings and the wider recovery community

So, for the best Private Drug Rehab in South Africa and Private Alcohol Rehab in South Africa, with the best treatment ad value for money possible, simply Contact Us today and we will arrange it all for you.