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Private Addiction Clinics in South Africa

Private Addiction Clinics in South Africa

Looking for private addiction clinics in South Africa is a sometimes difficult and confusing task. Especially as, the point at which a person makes the decision to access treatment and address their addiction is a crucial time and action needs to be swift. We work with a number of the best quality Private Addiction Clinics in Cape Town and the rest of South Africa and we also secure the best treatment at the lowest prices possible because of our close relationships with everyone we work with. The Cape Recovery way is to pre-asses every individual client and then to find them the treatment centre most suited to their needs, the one in which they will fit in best and receive the most relevant and specialised treatment for their specific addition. We have a growing list of clinics and we have centres specifically in Johannesburg, Durban, Jeffreys Bay and in Nelspruit and the list continues to grow as we branch out, finding the best places in all areas of South Africa. Our speciality however is Cape Town Rehab and we have the whole range of substance addictions, process addictions and eating disorders covered here.

Private Addiction Clinics in Cape Town, Private Addiction Clinics in South Africa

Private Addiction Clinics in Cape Town

We work very closely with a number of treatment centres and addiction clinics in Cape Town. This is where CapeRecovery began and it was formed amongst the incredible and supportive recovery community in Cape Town. A lot of people come to Cape Town to essentially begin a new life free from addiction so there is always a constant flow of new comers to recovery who are well supported by those who have stuck around over the years. We believe that the people in recovery are the most important thing to staying clean and sober and here in Cape Town, that has certainly been my experience. It’s a joy to work and live here and every one of our clients is given the full support of CapeRecovery and the recovery community through the whole recovery process. From rehab to beyond with arrangements for sober living, meetings with others in recovery and even voluntary experiences if that’s what they want. All the time we are also around to offer support and advice to the family members who are often forgotten at this testing time for everyone involved. That’s why we are the best and we love what we do!

So, for the best Private Addiction Clinics in South Africa and specifically the best Private Addiction Clinics in Cape Town, you need look no further as at CapeRecovery we arrange it all for you, simply Contact Us today!