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Private Addiction Treatment Cape Town

Private Addiction Treatment Cape Town

Private Addiction Rehab Cape Town

At CapeRecovery we choose to only work with the best private addiction treatment Cape Town and private addiction rehab Cape Town, we also work with other quality places across South Africa. We make a point of only selecting the ones that match our high standards of personalised care. They range from luxurious to not so luxurious but all are hand selected by us specifically for their specialities, their incredible and committed staff and the quality programs that they offer. Addiction Treatment and Rehab can be costly and there is usually no getting around that, so it is our goal to provide the best quality of treatment for the lowest possible cost. For every one of our clients, even those from overseas, we are the only ones who are able to get the best local prices so you know that you will not get such value or quality anywhere else. We also do our unique pre-assessment on every single client  so that we can find the ideal place suited to the individuals needs. This process of selecting the rehab that is suited to the client and not simply referring to the highest bidder or favouring a particular place over another ensures that the client always receives appropriate treatment and thus increase their chances of a full and happy recovery.

Private Addiction Treatment Cape Town, Private Addiction Rehab Cape Town, The Best Private Addiction Rehab Centres in Cape Town

For our overseas clients, you could check out our Worldwide site or UK site to see what packages we can offer for you and you will always pay local prices with CapeRecovery! Local clients, come to Cape Town for a full CapeRecovery Experience with Sober living options and introductions to the great Cape Town Recovery Community. We even have a number of voluntary experiences with our partners at African Sunrise Volunteering to build the clients confidence and resume a routine! CapeRecovery are the only people who look at the bigger picture of recovery and put a huge emphasis on preparing the client for leaving and living a new, clean and sober lifestyle. Our rehabs do their bit brilliantly because they are the best at what they do at the crisis point, we then guide the client through the journey, giving a multitude of choice and options at every stage of the process and that is what makes us unique.

Private Addiction Counselling and Interventions

We also offer Private Addiction Counselling and Interventions with the best counsellors in Cape Town if you need that extra support.

So for the best Private Addiction Rehab Cape Town and Private Addiction Treatment Cape Town, simply Contact Us as we’ve already done the hard work and we arrange it all for you, it really couldn’t be more straight forward than with CapeRecovery!