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Out-Patient, Life Coach and Home Detox Services

Try our Counselling, Out Patient, Life Coach and Home Detox options.

Are there other effective ways to get clean and sober other than rehab?

Although I recommend a residential rehabilitation as the best option for a long and successful recovery, there are other options that can be just as successful providing the individual has the drive and motivation to accept and make the most of the help that’s offered. These are our options for Out Patient, Counselling, Life Coach and Home Detox. All of our services are provided by fully qualified and experienced professionals and specialise in working with all addictions and eating disorders.

Out Patient, Life Coach, Home Detox and Counselling

These are the packages that currently are in place with the costs involved, our team are flexible and can alter the packages too suit your budget or time constraints.

  1. Home Detox: This includes 2-10 days of nurse home visits (depending on the individual needs of the client). Recovery Coach – 10 home visits, Individual Counselling sessions (6 sessions), doctor appointment and medication. Cost is R12,500 inclusive. (shorter programs available at R1,000 per day).
  2. Positive Parenting Workshop: A workshop aimed at assisting parents of addicts/eating disordered individuals. Covering topics such as boundaries, conflict resolution, recovery language, what an addiction or eating disorder is. Runs over 6 weeks and costs R1350 per person.
  3. Recovery Coach (for eating disorders and addicts/alcoholics): Home visits, works through meal plan, assistance with triggers, random room searches and weigh ins, meal support and assistance with day to day life skills.
  4. Counsellor: Individual and conjoint sessions.
  5. Non-detox or out of area Skype sessions at R450 per hour.

Simply Contact Us and we will arrange everything for you.

UK clients or clients from elsewhere can access these serives following their rehab in Cape Town as part of the CapeRecovery Rehab Experience.

So, for your complete recovery package, including Out Patient, Counselling, Home Detox and Life Coach options you can’t do better than a CapeRecovery Experience!