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Addiction Care

How to treat addiction

How to treat addiction – Addiction Care with CapeRecovery – Addiction is a condition that results when a person ingests a substance (e.g., alcohol, cocaine, nicotine or other drugs) or engages in a certain activity (e.g., gambling, gaming, sex) that can initially be pleasurable but the continued use/act of, becomes compulsive and interferes with ordinary responsibilities of daily life, such as work, relationships, or health. Often, the addict is the last one to realise and admit that their use or behaviour is out of control and sometimes they need to be made aware of it, offered help and given a push in the right direction. Through effective addiction treatment the addict can return to normal life and we put a lot of emphasis on correct initial placement as the key to successful addiction treatment. The important thing to remember is that with the desire, the correct placement and tailored follow up and aftercare and surrounding yourself with the right people, it can be treated. See more about the Addiction Rehabilitation Process.

We work closely with many of the best addiction centres and addiction services in the world. So if it’s an Addiction Rehab you’re looking for then you are in the right place.

Check out a specific addiction, these are our Addictions Treated.

Addiction Care - How to treat addiction.
Addiction Care – How to treat addiction the CapeRecovery way.

Addiction Care at CapeRecovery

There are many differing opinions and accepted ways of treating an addiction but I believe it is a very individualised process that differs greatly from person to person and varies of course, depending on what the specific addiction is. It needs a fresh approach and every persons route to recovery will vary slightly, the ground work is mostly the same, the basics if you like. The way we approach it at CapeRecovery is having already gained exclusive access to the best possible prices for the highest quality treatment, we have options for every possible eventuality. We do a pre-assessment on each and every one of our clients to be in a position to offer and discuss options before any commitment is made. We offer our impartial advice and information for free and then find appropriate rehab, outpatient, secondary, tertiary and sober living care, planning ahead for every stage if possible.

I do believe that rehab is the best solution for all addictions because it physically removes the person from the substance, the addiction or the triggers and also the company that they mix with who promote their addictive behaviors. People do get clean and sober without but for the best possible chance of a full recovery, the things learnt in rehab are vital. It is also proven that the longer the time period spent in rehab and the longer the engagement with outside recovery circles, the more likely the person is to continue partaking in active recovery and thus staying clean and sober. We can introduce you to meetings and the large and enthusiastic Cape Town Recovery Community because as I said, once through the initial stages of rehab, the continued contact with fellow addicts and people who are actively working on their own recovery is vital, life can become enjoyable once again and you can even enjoy a full social life.

The Recovery Community is the proven way in which addicts regain control and learn to live a fulfilled life again after what is often years of uncertainty and chaos. Meetings are an integral part of recovery and we would encourage all our clients to attend as many as possible, you might even start to enjoy them! It’s encouraging to know that we are not alone and we can share our experiences and learn from others

So, that is the CapeRecovery addiction care, it involves pre-assessment, continued contact and support of the individual and their family throughout treatment and beyond. Too many people fail because of incorrect planning and being unprepared for discharge, we don’t let this happen, we look after every one of our clients all the way, giving them the best possible chance of a full and happy recovery and a new way of living.

So, that’s how to treat addiction the CapeRecovery way, addiction care has never been better, get in touch and we will find you ideal, professional addiction treatment at a quality addiction clinic or addiction rehab.