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Addiction Clinics

Drug Addiction Clinics, Alcohol Addiction Clinics, Process Addiction Clinics and Eating Disorder Clinics

We work very closely with a range of drug addiction clinics, alcohol addiction clinics, process addiction clinics and eating disorder clinics. We treat all substance addictions, process addictions and eating disorders. The thing that makes a clinic a clinic rather than just a rehab is the dedicated clinical area and medical staff. Treatment of most addictions requires a short period of time in a medical detox unit and the advantage of our places is that they can keep an eye on the client and integrate them into the primary program when they are ready. Some detoxes are quicker than others so they time spent under medical watch in the clinic varies and that’s where the flexibility is an advantage. Also, the client doesn’t have to be transferred anywhere else as the whole of their treatment is at the same centre with the same people, causing the least disruption possible during a difficult time. You can read all about the Addiction Rehabilitation Process if you like.

Process Addiction Clinics, Eating Disorder Clinics, Alcohol Addiction Clinics, Drug Addiction Clinics

Entering an addiction treatment centre is a difficult time for all involved. The client is at a point where they are admitting their problem and asking for help which is a huge step. Once a person reaches this point it is important not to miss the window of opportunity to get them suitable treatment immediately, this is where CapeRecovery comes in. We pre-asses the client quickly so we have all the information that we need to make a sound judgement on what the best route of treatment should be. We then discuss that with any family members or friends involved giving them all the information and choices so that they can then make an informed choice. Once a decision is made, we do everything else by arranging immediate admission. That however, is not where our involvement ends. We are around and easily contactable to monitor the progress of our clients and to assist the family and friends with any questions they have along the journey. Families are often forgotten when an addict eventually gets help and is safely in a treatment centre so we offer everything they need to put their minds at rest throughout the process. This includes being contactable at all times and advising on aftercare and sober living to prepare the client for their return home.

So for the best Drug Addiction Clinics, Alcohol Addiction Clinics, Process Addiction Clinics and Eating Disorder Clinics and the best in family support and expert advice along the way, just get in touch and we will do the rest!