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Drug and Alcohol Abuse Treatment Centre

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Treatment Centre

Are you looking for a Drug Abuse Treatment Centre or an Alcohol Abuse Treatment Centre? Well, at Cape Recovery, that is just what our speciality is! Recovery from any addiction is a difficult process but we do everything that we can to make it as straight forward as possible. We have an extensive network of quality treatment and rehab centres and we make it our mission to find the one that is perfect for each individual clients needs. The whole process is quick and simple but forgotten by others leading to unsuitable admissions. It just involves gathering a bit of information about the client and from there we find the environment that is most beneficial to them and their specific addiction will be treated in the best and most relevant manner. Our centres do vary and they all have different specialities when treating addiction so this way, the client will be in the perfect place and any money that needs to be spent on treatment will be wisely spent, leading to the best possible chance of a full and lengthy recovery from addiction.

Drug Abuse Treatment Centre

If you are looking specifically for a Drug Abuse Treatment Centre then you can now stop looking because at CapeRecovery, we work only with the best handpicked places that share our ethics. Cape Town specifically is a great place to get and to stay clean and sober because there are so many recovering addicts and alcoholics that live in this city and the feeling of community spirit amongst them is better than I have ever experienced anywhere else in South Africa or the World. That is why I made the decision to stay here after getting sober, to make my move permanent and start CapeRecovery, in order to help those people still suffering with addiction to get what I have today, a new clean and sober life.

Alcohol Abuse Treatment Centre

Finding the best Alcohol Abuse Treatment Centre can be a difficult and often stressful process, with CapeRecovery it is made a lot easier as we provide you with a brand new and informed way to identify the best place, tailored towards the person requiring treatment. We are impartial and we work with not just one but a variety of Alcohol Rehab and Addiction Treatment Centres so we can find the most suited one and at the best possible price. We really enjoy doing what we do and believe in this method of appropriate placement as the best way of saving future expense and pain. The recovery process is not all about the rehab but correct selection is a key start.

Drug Abuse Treatment Centre, Alcohol Abuse Treatment Centre

CapeRecovery Individualised Care

Once we have found the best place for you or you loved one, we then work with you to help maintain a sustained recovery by suggesting advice and options for the next step, sober living or engagement with the recovery community and support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or Narcotics Anonymous (NA). This continued support and follow up process is the key to our success because we have learnt from experience that the real hard work starts after we give up drinking or drugs, the living life without drugs or alcohol is hard, often more difficult that stopping in the first place so that is why at CapeRecovery, we plan the entire process from beginning to end and are we are always there to support the family and the loved ones who are so deeply affected by the individuals drinking or drug use and are so often forgotten, whenever they need us.

So, for the best Alcohol Abuse Treatment Centre or Drug Abuse Treatment Centre, simply Contact Us and we will then arrange a personally tailored package just for you or your loved one, CapeRecovery are the only people that do this!