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Cape Town Drug Rehab Centre

What is the best Cape Town Drug Rehab Centre?

What is the best Cape Town Alcohol Rehab Centre?

In our opinion gained from decades of experience working in the field of addiction treatment and as addicts in recovery, we now work with the best Cape Town alcohol rehab centre and the best Cape Town drug rehab centre at CapeRecovery. Alcohol  and drug addiction can be slow burners in terms of coming to a crisis point as it often builds up over a long period of time, this means that many alcoholics or drug addicts can seemingly ‘function’ in life for years or even decades before they reach the point where it all becomes overwhelming and their only choice is to enter rehab. With a much younger generation of heavy drinkers and drug users coming along we are seeing more and more younger alcoholics and addicts coming into treatment so there is always a wide mix of ages in any good rehab facility. There are no specific rehabs for just alcohol or just drugs in Cape Town as they are managed the same way and in a mainstream addiction centre alongside all the other process addictions. I personally think that this mixture of people who are all suffering from differing addictions is a very positive thing. People of all backgrounds come together in rehab who would never normally meet or mix with one another and it’s incredible how one addict can relate to another because they all share something in common, the same illness. As far as addiction is concerned, alcohol and drugs are simply symptoms, others ‘act out’ in addictive behaviours but they all share one thing, they are all addicts and in recovery they will all learn how to manage it as long as they understand and accept it. Take the alcohol, drugs or behaviour away and addicts are basically dealing with similar stuff. The underlying issues are generally the cause and there is usually something that needs exploring and that’s where our quality counsellors come in. All our centres have a full and busy program with activities and group and individual counselling, thus giving the client the most out of  their stay and ultimately, the best possible chance of a full and happy recovery.

Best Cape Town Drug Rehab Centre, Best Cape Town Alcohol Rehab Centre


How do I find the Best Cape Town Drug Rehab Centre and Best Cape Town Alcohol Rehab Centre ?

At CapeRecovery we have already done the hard work for you so you don’t have to, finding a quality rehab that you have full trust in is difficult. They certainly do vary in cost and in quality. What we ensure for our clients is that, if they are likely to be paying any money or using medical aid for the treatment, that they spend it wisely at a centre that can really offer genuine value for money. In my experience as a health professional and as an addict, the recovery and rehab business is all about the motives and the enthusiasm of the people running and working for the individual treatment centres. Most are excellent at this and the care is generally of the highest possible standard, some are not and regularly over charge people. We only work with the former and try to force the latter to change their unethical practices. We ensure that your money goes further by determining a budget and working within it to get the best care package available anywhere. The reality is, because of the complexity of addiction, most people require a minimum of three months in treatment for it to have it’s full affect, so planning is very important. Not only are our centres of the highest quality in terms of staff and program offered but our special relationship with them also means that we are able to negotiate with them and get the best possible price for the best possible treatment. We are also here throughout the whole process to support the family of the client whilst they are in treatment, offering guidance and answers to any questions that they may have. Following the stint in rehab we even continue to work for you by finding the highest quality and most suitable sober living house if required and can also offer volunteering opportunities as well as provide all the information you will ever need about the incredible Cape Town Recovery Community and meetings to attend in your area.

So, for the Best Cape Town Drug Rehab Centre and the Best Cape Town Alcohol Rehab Centre with the full CapeRecovery Experience of continued support, simply Contact Us today and we will arrange everything for you!