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CapeRecovery – Promoting Good Rehab Practice

CapeRecovery – Promoting Good Rehab Practice

I’ve talked a lot about the rehab industry and promoting good rehab practice is what we do at CapeRecovery. I’m always happy to discuss what I believe is good and bad rehab practice and you can read more in my blog, specifically about Rehab and Recovery – Business, Service or Scam and Do some people have an atavistic urge to care for people and others not – Private v’s Public Healthcare. It is a subject that is very close to my heart in everything I’ve done as a nurse in addiction treatment and as an alcoholic and addict of 25 years, now a recovering addict of three years and it gave me the motivation to begin and grow CapeRecovery into what it has become today. We pride ourselves on honesty and transparency, helping everyone and always putting the individual clients welfare over any profit. This has been a costly venture and the time and money spent to grow whilst sticking to our beliefs has been huge. That isn’t an issue with me because it’s grown our reputation and the CapeRecovery name is what’s important, the assurance that people will receive the best possible quality of treatment when they come to us is priceless and that makes me, and everyone who works for and with us, very happy. I have been criticised for my sometimes blunt views but they are always honest and from the heart so it’s ok with me. The criticism inevitably comes from those who are not transparent and don’t want someone like me in the picture, exposing bad rehab practice and essentially forcing the industry as a whole to act in a authentic way towards their clients and families. The damage that one person with dubious motives can do to a whole group of people who are practicing in a brilliant and honest way is catastrophic and we need to work for the greater good in Cape Town and we need to work together to improve the quality of service as a whole, making Cape Town the best destination for addiction rehab and recovery in the world. This is what we do, promoting good rehab practice, and people are either with us in our goal or against us.

Promoting Good Rehab Practice - Highlighting Bad Rehab Practice
CapeRecovery – Promoting Good Rehab Practice – Highlighting Bad Rehab Practice

Why should we highlight bad rehab practice?

The question of whether or not a rehab or addiction treatment is good or bad is a very difficult one to answer as an addicts perspective, in early recovery, is often warped. Motivation to stop and stay stopped is the biggest factor in any recovery process so if someone is not ready they will blame any little thing, including the treatment, facilities, staff, anything to detract from their unwillingness to get well at that point. We are not naïve, this happens, I did it myself in early recovery! It’s always about giving the client the best possible chance so if they are ready and willing, they will succeed. I don’t expect or claim that every one of our clients will be successful, that would be unrealistic and a statistical miracle, I do however claim that every one of our clients will only be placed in an environment where they will be nurtured and not hampered in their journey and this is the crux for me. We can and do make this happen and in the coming months we will be naming the centres who we work with, those who’s practises fulfil our criteria and will not be afraid to name the ones who practice in a dubious manner. This approach will be managed and any feedback we get from clients will be looked into in depth with impartiality before reacting but Cape Town Recovery as a whole is what CapeRecovery stands for and that needs a new benchmark of quality, one that everyone must live up to and one that will make the Cape Town Recovery Journey and Experience the best in the world. Our International Site brings people from all over the world to take part in this unique experience and that in turn helps the people locally as we continue to find ways to sponsor local people in their recovery journey. Recovery is for everyone and I want anyone who really desires it to have the same opportunity at a clean, sober and happy life that I have been given.

So, when I say we only work with the best addiction rehab, process addiction rehab, eating disorder treatment centres, sober living houses and out-patient services, it is what it is, those who want the best for their clients want to work with CapeRecovery!

At CapeRecovery, this is what we do, promoting good rehab practice and highlighting bad rehab practice, so for all your addiction rehab and recovery needs, Contact Us or join our Facebook Group now!