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About Us

Cape Recovery

Holistic Addiction Treatment and Rehabilitation.

Here at Cape Recovery we work by 4 simple principles in addressing a persons individual issues and finding them the best, fully tailored and holistic addiction treatment and rehabilitation available:

  1. Honesty, open-mindedness and willingness, with a compassion that is unrivalled.
  2. Giving everyone a fair chance, we want our clients to be successful!
  3. Helping as many addicts as we can, we don’t turn anyone away, offering free advice at all times.
  4. We only work with proven, quality addiction treatment providers.

The rehabilitation centres we work with are willing to compromise on prices as much as they can in order to accommodate every addict who is in need of help. This is something only we can offer due to our close working relationships with our partners and our aim is to offer help to everyone who needs it. We cater for all addictions, process addictions and eating disorders, click here to see a full list of substance and process addictions treated.

Addiction Treatment Rehabilitation
CapeRecovery – Addiction Treatment Rehabilitation

We have decades of experience in the addiction and rehabilitation field and everyone who works for us is either a recovering addicts and/or alcoholics or someone who has lived with an addict and they have all travelled the often heart wrenching journey towards recovery. In accordance with official recovery groups, the most effective way for us to maintain our sobriety is to assist the addict who is new in recovery and this is why our approach works.

Aside from any money made to keep us going, our rewards come from making the process of recovery as user friendly as possible, it keeps us busy and, more importantly, sober.

On a personal note and if you want to know more about us and what makes us tick, this is an extract from one of our success stories who now works for us helping others who are still suffering.

“Alcohol had robbed me of all I had. I arrived in Cape Town following a major breakdown in everything I held dear to me. At the time, my life was essentially over, any hope of a future seemed gone.
(You can read more here about that and my rehabilitation on my personal site if you are interested.)

That was then but the story now is completely different, but the one thing that struck me was how alone and isolated I felt having flown 6000 miles to be amongst complete strangers, in a new country and not having an understanding of recovery. I was angry, resentful and full of fear and I muddled my through at the beginning.

What I needed most was a friendly face who could just tell me that things do get better as it’s impossible to believe that they can at the time.

This is why we exist, it’s about us as addicts in recovery helping addicts who want recovery,  to offer support through those initial stages when things can seem overwhelming. Our enthusiasm and our personal links to some of the best quality and value rehab in Cape Town makes for the perfect partnership to give you the best possible chance of achieving sobriety. We can guide you through the early stages of recovery as it’s not just about the stopping, it’s about having and living a life after that.”

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CapeRecovery works, it’s a community, it’s a dream and it’s a way of life. Check out CapeRecovery UK and today! The best quality addiction treatment and rehabilitation advice and information around!