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Drug Rehab Centres in Cape Town South Africa

Drug Rehab Centres in Cape Town South Africa

If you are looking for drug rehab centres in Cape Town South Africa then you can at last stop looking because at CapeRecovery, we work only with the best Cape Town addiction rehabilitation centres. It’s a great place to get and to stay clean and sober because so many recovering addicts and alcoholics live in this city and the feeling of community amongst them all is better than I have ever experienced anywhere in the world. That is why I chose to stay here after getting sober, to make my move permanent and start CapeRecovery to help those people still suffering with addiction to receive what I have, a new life.

drug rehab centres in Cape Town South Africa

Anyhow, enough about me!  Just what can we do for you or your loved one? Well, at Cape Recovery, we arrange everything for a persons rehabilitation and recovery journey. We are fully independent of all rehabs and have a lot of experience in the addiction field both professionally and personally. We carry out a short but concise pre-assessment of every client and find the perfect centre to match their individual needs or requirements. We pay the centre the lowest possible local prices that they can charge so you always know that you are getting the best value and quality of treatment for any money spent. When the client is safely being looked after in the centre, we visit them and keep track of their progress whilst at the same time we are available to support the family back home who are often forgotten during these difficult times. We then assist with discharge planning and put everything in place that is needed, such as a sober living environment, social interaction and meetings with the Cape Town Recovery Community, even voluntary or charity work if that’s what the person wants to continue the recovery journey. The longer a recovering addict is in treatment or engaged with a recovery community like this one, the better the chance of a long and happy future, clean and sober. This is where we are unique, we look at the whole picture and are not just at placing people into rehabs. Recovery is a journey and as addiction can take many years to take hold, recovery does not happen over night and it is hard work but it is ultimately worth it and it is, of course, a matter of life and death. This is the CapeRecovery way of sustaining sobriety. The truth about what we do is that with the correct placement, alongside the right guidance, support and follow up with help available for everyone involved including the family, the chances of a full and happy recovery are greater than anywhere else.

So, if you want the finest Drug Rehab Centres in Cape Town South Africa, alongside the unique Cape Recovery support and experience then simply Contact Us today and we will do the rest.