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Find the Best Alcohol and Drug Rehab Clinics

Cape Town Drug Rehab Clinics and Cape Town Alcohol Rehab Clinics

At CapeRecovery, we only work with the best Drug Rehab Clinic and the best Alcohol Rehab Clinic in Cape Town, that is our guarantee. Although the selection of Cape Town Alcohol Rehab Clinics and Cape Town Drug Rehab Clinics is extensive, the quality and commitment of the places is varied. This is how we do it and how we continue the clients journey throughout rehab, recovery and beyond!

  • We have a hand selected a place for each addiction, process addiction and eating disorder, each with their own specialities, so we already know that all our clients will get the highest quality treatment at the lowest possible local prices. Selection of the best clinic is done purely with the clients individual needs in mind following our pre-assessment.
  • Our focus is always individualised and client based, this is what makes us unique, we have no loyalty to a specific clinic so will never place our clients in an unsuitable environment for them. Every decision we make and any advice we offer is always about what is best for the client and what route will give them the best possible chance of a long and happy recovery. We want all our clients to be successful, it makes us happy, and although there are no guarantees in addiction treatment, we do absolutely everything we can to make it happen.
  • We look at the recovery process as a whole and not just as a stint in rehab. It is hard work staying clean and sober and we visit our clients in rehab, ensure they are ready for discharge, find a suitable sober living house if necessary and also introduce them to members of the Cape Town Recovery Community. There are also options for voluntary and charity work to ensure that the client is busy which is important for a full recovery. Boredom is dangerous for addicts and we always encourage them to fill their time with productive activities.
  • We ensure that wherever you are in the world you will always only pay the lowest local prices for treatment. We charge a small fee to enable us to provide the CapeRecovery Experience to more local people by subsidising and sponsoring places in rehab.

So, that is how CapeRecovery Find only the Best Drug Rehab Clinic and the Best Alcohol Rehab Clinic.

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So if you want the best alcohol rehab clinic or the best drug rehab clinic the you need to look no further than CapeRecovery, we only work with the best Cape Town Alcohol Rehab Clinics and Cape Town Drug Rehab Clinics, Contact Us today and we will arrange the whole recovery journey for you!