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Trauma Rehab and Trauma Counselling

Trauma Rehab and Trauma Counselling

It is probably no surprise that there are obvious links between past trauma in a persons life and their following struggles with addiction. Many people suffer horrible things in childhood and they have not been dealt with properly so stay with the person. Sadly, when not dealt with properly, these things start to shape us and give us a distorted image of ourselves as people. Addiction of any kind essentially stems from the desire to escape bad feelings so it makes sense to me that people who have had traumatic experience in life are more likely to want to escape and thus more susceptible to unleashing their inner addict. This isn’t to say that only people who have experienced actual physical trauma are susceptible, trauma can be mental too but also our perceptions of things are very real to us as children and they stay with us. I myself had a very good upbringing and I was well cared for in every way, so why did I develop such negative core beliefs at an early age that led to a lifelong battle with addiction to alcohol and other drugs? The answer is simple, I picked up messages from those around me, I was very aware of when I disappointed people close to me and rather than do something about it, I excelled at failure because I thought that’s what people thought of me. It doesn’t even matter that they didn’t feel that way at all and that it was all in my head. Once core beliefs are formed it doesn’t matter how they are formed, they are very very real to the individual. This is why we have chosen the best addiction and trauma rehab and trauma counselling Cape Town at CapeRecovery because we want our clients to get well and live a long and happy life in recovery.

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Addiction and Trauma Rehab

So, that’s how trauma and core beliefs can effect us all from childhood onward, only getting stronger and re-enforcing themselves as time passes, particularly when mixed with addiction. All the centres that we work with address trauma in a big way because, like me, they place a big emphasis on it as a part of the recovery process and re-learning how to live and perceive yourself. I have a favourite place that actually devotes an entire week to trauma so everyone is given the opportunity to really explore the underlying issues of their addiction in a safe and substance free environment. This, I believe, is the perfect approach and the results from my past clients have been close to incredible.

Trauma Counselling Cape Town

Recovery from trauma, just like recovery from addiction, is an on-going process and you may need extra support, we work with specialist trauma counsellors who can give that extra help that you need after rehab. As with anything where there are two or more problems involved, I always suggest that we remove the addictive substance or behaviour completely, then tackle these underlying issues, so at CapeRecovery that is exactly what we do!

So, for the best Addiction and Trauma Rehab and Trauma Counselling Cape Town, simply Contact Us today and we will plan your personal recovery for you!