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Addiction Rehab Specialists

CapeRecovery – The Addiction Rehab Specialists

What makes CapeRecovery the Process Addiction (Behavioural Addiction) Drug Addiction Rehab, Eating Disorder and Alcohol Addiction Rehab Specialists?

Some might say that this is a bold claim but we believe, as do our growing hoards of satisfied customers, that the CapeRecovery approach is a truly unique and refreshing addition to the rehab and addiction treatment scene. I believe that addiction rehab specialists must be well versed in process addiction (behavioural addiction), eating disorder, alcohol addiction rehab and drug addiction rehab as well as mental health issues that affect addicts (dual-diagnosis). As a nurse in the addiction field for many years I used to become disolusioned about the lack of appropriate treatment for addicts and their families even in the UK. I understand that the services available are doing their best and I worked for many of them, but they are essentially restrained by the people that make the decisions about addiction treatment policies, dare I say it, people who may be very knowledgable about things but not neccesarily experts in the addiction field. This kind of mass management of treatment simply doesn’t work with addiction. This is because everyone is different and their journeys and previous experiences vary dramatically, there is no set route to becoming an addict so in my opinion, there is no ‘fix all’ method of treating it. That’s why at CapeRecovery we do an individualised pre-assessment on every client and advise based on the results. We have a large selection of centres and other options to choose from so we always find the most suitable route for the client. We are not ruled by loyalty to any particular treatment centre or rehab so we can be totally impartial throughout the entire process.

We also look at the persons whole recovery journey and believe that although rehab is a vital part of that journey, recovery is for life and not just a month or three months. This is where a lot of people slip up because it’s relatively easy to stay clean and sober in a rehab and when the client gets out, that’s where the real work starts and daily reinforcement of the things they have learnt must be done in order to maintain long term sobriety. We arrange the perfect rehab then we follow up with aftercare, additional counselling if necessary, sober living arrangement and integration back into ‘normal’ living with job searching help and volunteering opportunities here in Cape Town for all our clients.Addiction Rehab Specialists, Drug Addiction Rehab, Alcohol Addiction Rehab, Process Addiction, Behavioural Addiction So, that in a nutshell is the way we work and what makes us the addiction rehab specialists for process addiction (behavioural addiction), eating disorders, alcohol addiction rehab, drug addiction rehab and all dual-diagnosis and related mental health issues, Contact Us now and we will arrange everything for you!