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Addiction Information

Addiction Information

Addictions, Addiction Treatment and Addiction Rehab.

At Cape Recovery we take Addictions and addiction treatment very seriously, after all it is often a matter of life and death. Whatever the problem, we can give you addiction information on it or find you the perfect addiction rehab centre to treat your or your loved ones specific problem with a program tailored for the individual.

Look below for specific addiction information on.

Contact Us for information, advice and help on any specific drug addictions not listed here.

We also provide care for process addictions and Eating Disorders such as:

Recovery from addiction to any substance or behaviour, whatever it may be, is a process. The start of that process may well be to stop the use or behaviour but real recovery is the rest of your life. A life free from the ties of whatever it was or is that is keeping you from leading a normal, enjoyable life. At Cape Recovery we follow people through in their recovery so our advice and support is always available. We work with the best rehabs for all the above addictions and we can arrange instant admission taking the stress out of the whole process and giving you or a loved one the best possible chance of a good life in recovery.

Addiction Information, Addictions, Addiction Treatment, Addiction Rehab

The community in recovery is important to us so join us on Facebook if you want to keep up with recent events in The Cape Town Recovery community. So once you or your loved one come out of treatment and want help settling back into a clean and sober, addiction free life, we are also here to help. It could be involvement in volunteering projects or some exciting recovery trips and adventures or maybe you’d like help with finding a suitable secondary care, tertiary care or sober living environment? Whatever your recovery needs may be we have the best route for you. Here at CapeRecovery, we are always available because our clients keep coming back to us, every step of the way and we like it like that.

Contact Us today and speak to our friendly staff.

So, for the best, free, friendly and impartial Addiction Information and Addiction Treatment, Cape Recovery covers all Addictions and only works with the finest, fully registered Addiction Rehab Centres around!