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Volunteering Opportunities in Cape Town South Africa

Volunteering Opportunities in Cape Town South Africa

Cape Town Volunteering Abroad with CapeRecovery

The therapeutic value of one addict helping another has been a tried and tested way in mainstream recovery support groups for generations. It’s my view that once the hard work of rehab has done it’s bit and the client has reached a stable point, the journey of recovery and rebuilding is only just beginning. There is a real sense of achievement and self worth that can be gained from helping others and that is why here at CapeRecovery we have included voluntary work as part of our aftercare support for local and overseas clients alike. We have formed a strong relationship with the number one providers of Volunteering in Cape Town and they have many different and much needed projects that they are involved with, already working with people from all around the world who want some valuable voluntary experience abroad. Cape Town Volunteering Abroad with CapeRecovery is the perfect partnership because it enables the client to really get involved and get their teeth into something worthwhile and productive. Filling time with these positive things is vital in early recovery and the sense of achievement that a person gets from doing something for another human being is priceless. As you can see from the picture below, we work with children’s projects but if that’s not your thing then there are building projects, homeless projects and soup kitchens and many more great opportunities. Just get in touch with me at and I will arrange it all for you. Their website is now up and running so check out the African Sunrise Volunteers website now. This is the best way to combine a CapeRecovery Experience with numerous Volunteering Opportunities in Cape Town so Contact Us today, we would love to hear from you!

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So, for the best Volunteering Abroad and Volunteering Opportunities in Cape Town join ‘Cape Town Volunteering’ with African Sunrise and CapeRecovery, Contact Us for more information.