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The Addiction Recovery Community in Cape Town

The Addiction Recovery Community in Cape Town

The Cape Town Recovery Community

I am always saying it but I believe strongly that The Addiction Recovery Community in Cape Town is amongst the best in the world. I’m not sure if it is because I came from the UK and the only meetings that I experienced were few and far between and often uninspiring in comparison to the vast variety on offer in Cape Town. The meetings I refer to are usually Narcotics Anonnymous (NA) and Alcoholics Annonymous (AA) though there are other sister felowships for process addictions, specific addictions and eating disorders dotted around. I have had the pleasure to get to know a great deal of the Cape Town Recovery Community very well during my five years here and the number one thing that spurs me on and keeps me doing what I’m doing today is the people in recovery. Someone once asked me what the most important thing in my recovery journey has been and I answered just that, people. Humans helping Humans is the basic platform on which to build momentum in recovery. The old adage of one addict helping another is a simple yet extreamly poignent notion. It’s in essence a mutually beneficial realationship and seeing people overcome adversity and do stuff with their lives, people who are also willing to give back, builds hope and trust in the human race that is so often taken from us in active addiction. This hope breeds confidence and confidence pushes us on to achieve things. It steamrolls and incredible things happen. This is the model from which CapeRecovery was born and we have big plans for engaging this vibrant group of individuals with some exciting new projects to go some way towards our ultimate goal of recovery for all, regardless of socio-economic factors.

Addiction Recovery Community in Cape Town, The Cape Town Recovery Community,

The Cape Town Recovery Community – People in Recovery

I’ve met many different people in recovery and as I said before, I believe that the people are the real answer to the frequently asked question ‘how do I get and stay clean and sober?’. There are other aspects, of course, but ultimately, it doesn’t really matter how you get there and what route or guidelines you believe in, the thing is to simply get there and engagement with these remarkable people is the biggest factor. Meet the addiction recovery community in Cape Town today, you won’t regret it! Share ideas, socialize and most importantly, just be around them. These are some of the people I have met in recovery:

  • The person who struggles and relapses on a regular basis but keeps returning to try again.
  • The newcomer, fresh in recovery and excited about the prospect of what’s to come.
  • The person with years more clean time than myself who is successful and happy and I can look up to as a role model.
  • The person who’s had many years of sobriety behind them but slipped up and still has the courage to come back to the rooms.

I learn from all these people in equal measures and above everything else, the people in recovery and specifically the addiction recovery community in Cape Town is the single most important thing that keeps me clean and sober today. It’s a mixed bunch as well, because addiction doesn’t discriminate, amongst these people there are so many differences yet the one similarity they all share is the one thing that ultimately keeps them functioning as a unit. They are all addicts of one variety or another but they are all addicts together and they all suffer from this debilitating, life altering disease. Because of these people and because of the program we follow the end for those who really desire it is not the inevitable jails, institutions or death but a life full of friends, happiness and, most importantly, hope. I didn’t choose to be an addict, let us get rid of that myth from the start, no one chooses a way of life based on fear, misery and self hate. Yes, some people choose drugs and can take them or leave them, in the case of the addict the addiction chooses them and the way of acting out because of that disease takes many different forms, drugs and alcohol being the symptom of the bigger picture. So, not by choice, I’m thrust into this confusing world. A world where nothing feels right, every single thing is a struggle and the search for a way out begins. I chose alcohol or any substance I could get hold of, others take different paths but we are all one in addiction, we all felt that hopelessness and the emptiness that could never ever be filled. What’s the answer, certainly it is dangerous to rely upon medical opinion solely, as many in positions of authority simply do not know what it feels like to be an addict and that’s where the problem lies in my opinion. I was ‘diagnosed’ many times with mental illnesses because people were looking for answers to problems, they wanted logic, they wanted closure but there was none.

At CapeRecovery we believe that recovery is available to everyone who wants it and that’s why we involve the addiction recovery community in Cape Town as part of our service. Some people are fortunate to have the funds to attend luxury treatment centres and they do a wonderful job at starting the person off in the rehabilitation and recovery process but without the desire to fight this disease they have the same chance as anyone, sadly that is no chance as the desire is the only thing you truly need. Support is always available because of the size of the Cape Town recovery community and some people need more than others at the initial stage, that’s why we tailor our treatment to the individuals requirements to guide people through those early days of recovery, at the end of the day, the rest is up to them. We can then advise how to surround themselves with likeminded individuals and that is where the real recovery begins. The Cape Town Recovery Community is an incredible recovery circle where people who are experienced in recovery are happy and able to help the newcomer.

So, if rehab is not affordable but you want to engage with the fabulous Addiction Recovery Community in Cape Town and really want help and support then fellow addicts in The Cape Town Recovery Community will guide you through the process, contact CapeRecovery for more info.