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Sober Living House in Cape Town

Sober Living House in Cape Town South Africa

We are delighted with our new addition to the CapeRecovery family as our partnership with the premier sober living house in Cape Town South Africa is formed. There are other options of course but this place blows them all out of the water for client care, a lovely homely environment and a hugely supportive atmosphere. When looking for a Sober Living House in Cape Town there are a few things to consider. The first is the environment, is it healthy and one that is conducive to recovery? Do the clients work well together to support one another in their recovery journeys? Sometimes, in places that I have been in personally, this is lacking and the home essentially has little or no criteria for admittance and this often results in an unstable environment for everyone within. With addicts new in recovery, it only takes one person not working hard on their personal recovery to disrupt the entire community. What’s the point of going through rehab only to come out the other side straight into an environment that could be disruptive to your recovery? The nice thing about CapeRecovery is that we are not forced to work with these places and we can hand pick the best ones so that we can support the families and visit the client regularly to see how their recovery is going. The point at which a person leaves a rehab facility is, in my personal opinion, the single most important stage of their overall recovery. They need the time to make the adjustment to living in the ‘real world’ again, to slowly becoming more independent and building their confidence. With it’s extremely supportive, clean and sober environment, our Sober Living House in Cape Town South Africa is the ideal post-rehab stage to a long and happy recovery. It also fits perfectly with the CapeRecovery model of supporting clients right through the process of rehab and beyond towards a successful and addiction free future. We also work with them to get the lowest rates possible and they are an integral part of our sponsor an addict scheme.

Sober Living House in Cape Town South Africa

Sober House in Cape Town

Situated amongst beautiful surroundings in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town, this sober living house is of the highest possible standard, the accommodation is very comfortable and the level of support given by counsellors and other staff is of a quality that I have never seen in comparably priced places. We also have big plans to continue working with them and making more of the partnership with plans for a bigger property to accommodate many more people on lower budgets and in essence, price our competitors out of the market for the good of The Recovery Community in Cape Town. Also, plans are coming along for ‘The CapeRecovery Centre’ which, if it does come about, will allow access to work and life skills training for everyone in recovery. Recovery should be for life and we desperately want all our clients to achieve the goal of looking forward to a bright future like they never imagined was possible. The future is bright, the future’s CapeRecovery!

So, if it’s a Sober Living House in Cape Town South Africa that you are searching for then look no further, as CapeRecovery have the best Sober Living House on their team, Contact us today to receive the full Cape Recovery Experience!