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Secondary Care, Tertiary Care and Sober Living

Secondary Care, Tertiary Care and Sober Living House

After a person has spent time in a detox and a primary rehab, the time usually being 21 days, 28 days or a month depending on the centre and medical aid provision, then it is advised that they spend at least another two months, ideally even more in some sort of follow up treatment. The reason for this is that it takes a while for a persons mind and body to adapt to being sober and drug free and the initial month is all about adapting to that. The following few months of secondary care and tertiary care are crucial in whether the person can maintain sobriety and the support and direction they get at this stage can be make or break. There is a misconception that people can simply do their 21 days and walk away never to use drugs, drink or engage in their addictive behaviour. This may be the case for a few but the majority of addicts need time and prolonged support in order to find the underlying reason for the addiction, the reasons that they used in the first place. If these things are left without dealing with them, the addiction will re-surface in the future, so that is why a prolonged period of Secondary Rehab or Tertiary Rehab is strongly recommended. This can be costly however and in the cases where another two months in rehab is out of the question, we can find adequate alternatives in the form of a sober living house where they can be eased gently back into ‘normal life’ with support from their counsellor and the other addicts that they live with.

Secondary Care, Tertiary Care, Secondary Rehab, Tertiary Rehab, Sober Living House

Secondary Rehab, Tertiary Rehab

This stage of the recovery process is crucial and should not be dismissed. This is the stage where the newly clean or sober addict is given a little more freedom and is making plans for their new life without the use of drugs, alcohol or their addictive behaviours. It’s a learning process and addicts who have been in ‘active addiction’ for a long time, years or even decades, need space to re-learn how to do simple things such as interacting with people again and forming healthy relationships. This adaption stage can be gradual but it is crucial in a persons overall recovery and their future happiness in life. You also do not need to be tied down to one place for secondary, tertiary and sober living, there are options out there and we are impartial so can advise on the most suitable place for you or your loved one.

So, if you need help deciding which Secondary Care, Tertiary Care or Sober Living House is the best option then let us help, we work with a number of Secondary Rehab Facilities and Tertiary Rehab Facilities as well as our array of Sober Living Accommodation, simply Contact Us today!