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Living Clean

Cape Town Recovery

The Cape Town Recovery Community is amongst the best in the world. Many people come to Cape Town to access rehab and are welcomed as a part of a vibrant and enthusiastic recovery community. Addiction Recovery is based not only on a persons desire to get and stay clean and sober but also in the support networks in place. Living Clean is easier when there are like minded people around and that’s what drew me initially to the cape town recovery community, the rest is history.

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Having lived in Cape Town for five years now, I have built up a great circle of friends, mostly people who are also in recovery. The addiction recovery process, the transformation from being reliant on drugs and alcohol to living clean and sober is often difficult but it’s the people in recovery, the recovery community, that make it all possible.

Socially, my life has changed dramatically giving me more and more confidence to enjoy it.

Local knowledge is essential when advising on the perfect place to recover and  Cape Town Rehab ticks all the boxes for me. Beautiful scenery and a vibrant social life (I’ve never had so many Braais in my life!) amongst both addicts and non-addicts, it’s the perfect place for living clean. The recovery community is vibrant and there are AA and NA meetings every day of the week, these have a welcoming feel and are a vital ingredient in living life clean and sober.

All this, and of course my personal experience, has formed my honest belief that Cape Town is amongst the best places in the world to recover.

It’s not just about putting down the alcohol or drugs, it’s about what comes after that, it’s about having a life, living clean.

Cape Town Recovery Community, Addiction Recovery, Living Clean
Living Clean in Cape Town

For people in South Africa and especially for people from the UK or other parts of Europe, I would recommend Cape Town as the best place to get away and begin a new life in recovery. I stayed but many come over for a few months and return happy and ready to re-join their lives back home. Contact us today for incredible packages, our connection to the best rehabs and treatment centres enables us to undercut private UK rehab prices by up to 80% and the quality of care is second to none. We have the complete package in The CapeRecovery Experience and the cost is incredible compared to anyone else, I even pick you up from the airport!

You can read about my experiences doing just this in Cape Town on my blog, Alcohol Free Me.

For the best quality rehab at the best prices available simply Contact Us and we will arrange everything for you. Join the Cape Town Recovery Community now, the best group of addicts helping addicts through to addiction recovery, enjoying life and living clean.

So for the best access to Living Clean with The Cape Town Recovery Community, Addiction Recovery has never been more rewarding than with Cape Recovery!